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The Paul T. Hiser Exemplary Publication Award Recipient

The Board of Editors of The Journal of Technology Studies and the Board of Directors are pleased to announce the recipient of the Paul T. Hiser Exemplary Publication Award for Volume XXIII, 1997.

Dennis R. Herschbach
From Industrial Arts to Technology Education: The Search for Direction

The Board of Directors established this award for deserving scholars. In recognition for his exemplary service to the profession and to the honorary as a Trustee and Director, the award bears Dr. Hiser's name. It is given to the author or authors of articles judged to be the best of those published each year in The Journal of Technology Studies.


Each member of the Editorial Board recommends the manuscript that he or she considers the best of those reviewed during the year. The editor forwards copies of nominated manuscripts to the members of the board for their evaluation against the criteria.

A majority vote of the editors is required for the award to be made. The honorary's Board of Directors renders final approval of the process and of the award.


1. The subject matter of the manuscript must be clearly in the domain of one or more of the professions in technology.

2. The article should be exemplary as it evidences one or more of the following:

     2.1 Ground-breaking philosophical thought.

     2.2 Historical consequence in that it contains significant lessons for the present and future.

     2.3 Innovative research methodology or design.

     2.4 Trends or issues that currently influence the field or are likely to affect it.

     2.5 Unique yet probable solutions to current or future problems.

A $300 award recognizes the recipient or recipients for the year and is presented during an Epsilon Pi Tau program at an annual professional association conference. Publication notice of the award is published in the first journal issue following the publication year.

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