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Volume XXIV, Number 1, Winter/Spring 1998

Editor of Publications

Guidelines for Authors


Program Review Produces Dynamic Results: A Case Study of the Evolution of a Master's Program
Paul E. Brauchle


Simulating Technology Process to Foster Learning
Nira Krumholtz

Assessment Modes, Learning Styles, and Design and Technology Project Work in Higher Education
Clive Mockford, Howard Denton

Tailoring Assesment of Technological Literacy Learning
Glenda Prime

An International Overview of Curricular Approaches and Models in Technology Education
Paul Black

Views of Technology Education in Canada and the United Kingdom
Sadato Yamazaki, Ernest Savage


Delivering Content to Achieve Industrial Technologist Performance Behaviors
John W. Sinn

A Primer on Mentoring
Michael A. De Miranda and Ethan B. Lipton

Government Policies Impact Technology Education in India
R. Natarajan

Science and Technology Educaiton Sponsored by an International Organization
Silvio Schlosser and Banuj Zaidenknop

Preparing Technical Educators for Interactive Instruction
Patrick H. O'Neill

Technology-Based Programs and Drop-Out Prevention
Phillip L. Cardon and Kip W. Christensen

Print Versus Electronic: Editors' Insights on the Costs and Benefits of Online Journals
Brian D. Angell and Gabie E. Smith

Promoting Gender Equity Through a Technology Day Camp
David W. Dailey


A Revolutionary Change Calls for New Paradigms. Byron M. Cole reviews The Biotech Century: Harnessing the Gene and Remaking the World
Byron M. Cole


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