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Volume XXIV, Number 1, Winter/Spring 1998

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doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.1
Program Review Produces Dynamic Results: A Case Study of the Evolution of a Master's Program
Paul E. Brauchle


doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.2
Simulating Technology Process to Foster Learning
Nira Krumholtz

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.3
Assessment Modes, Learning Styles, and Design and Technology Project Work in Higher Education
Clive Mockford, Howard Denton

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.4
Tailoring Assesment of Technological Literacy Learning
Glenda Prime

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.5
An International Overview of Curricular Approaches and Models in Technology Education
Paul Black

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.6
Views of Technology Education in Canada and the United Kingdom
Sadato Yamazaki, Ernest Savage


doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.7
Delivering Content to Achieve Industrial Technologist Performance Behaviors
John W. Sinn

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.8
A Primer on Mentoring
Michael A. De Miranda and Ethan B. Lipton

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.9
Government Policies Impact Technology Education in India
R. Natarajan

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.10
Science and Technology Educaiton Sponsored by an International Organization
Silvio Schlosser and Banuj Zaidenknop

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.11
Preparing Technical Educators for Interactive Instruction
Patrick H. O'Neill

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.12
Technology-Based Programs and Drop-Out Prevention
Phillip L. Cardon and Kip W. Christensen

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.13
Print Versus Electronic: Editors' Insights on the Costs and Benefits of Online Journals
Brian D. Angell and Gabie E. Smith

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.14
Promoting Gender Equity Through a Technology Day Camp
David W. Dailey


doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i1.a.15
A Revolutionary Change Calls for New Paradigms. Byron M. Cole reviews The Biotech Century: Harnessing the Gene and Remaking the World
Byron M. Cole


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