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Current Editor: Chris Merrill,
Previous Editors: Mark Sanders 1989-1997; James LaPorte: 1997-2010

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Volume 17, Number 2
Spring 2006

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From the Editor

Anomalies, Anachronisms, and Beliefs
by James E. LaPorte


doi: 10.21061/jte.v17i2.a.1
Investigating the Relationship between High School Technology Education and Test Scores for Algebra 1 and Geometry
by Richard R. Dyer, Philip A. Reed, and Robert Q. Berry

doi: 10.21061/jte.v17i2.a.2
Productivism and the Product Paradigm in Technological Education
by Leo Elshof

doi: 10.21061/jte.v17i2.a.3
The Use of Innovative Methods to Deliver Technology Education Laboratory Courses via Distance Learning: A Strategy to Increase Enrollment
by Hassan Ndahi

doi: 10.21061/jte.v17i2.a.4
A Delphi Study to Identify Recommended Biotechnology Competencies for First-Year/Initially Certified Technology Education Teachers
by Donald G. Scott, Barton A. Washer, and Michael D. Wright

doi: 10.21061/jte.v17i2.a.5
Student Perceptions of Selected Technology Student Association Activities
by Jerianne S. Taylor


doi: 10.21061/jte.v17i2.a.6
Is Design a Right-Brain or Left-Brain Activity?
by Joseph McCade

Book Review

doi: 10.21061/jte.v17i2.a.7
Teaching about technology: An introduction to the philosophy of technology for non-philosophers.
Reviewed by Vincent Childress


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