ALAN v22n1 - YA Literature Trivia

Young Adult Literature Trivia --
The 1994 Best Books
for Young Adults

compiled by Kay Parks Bushman
Can you name the following works chosen by the American Library Association as some of the Best Books for Young Adults for 1994?

1. Eric Calhoune tries to help out his friend Sarah, who has been institutionalized and will not talk to anyone.

2. When Sarney's overseer catches her writing in the dirt, someone must pay for teaching this slave-girl how to read.

3. Valerie is harassed and molested in a school hallway by Rollo, Brig, and Candy, who get off easy for their crime.

4. At age 12, Jonas is given his "assignment" and struggles with his responsibility of keeping the past secrets of the society in which he lives.

5. This collection of short stories and poems depicts the various experiences of Asian-Americans: Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and others.

6. After the death of his mother, Vernon becomes involved in the lives of Maxine and her mentally-retarded son, Ronald.

7. Together, neighbors Kevin, an unusually small genius who walks with a brace, and Maxwell, an overly large awkward teenager labeled LD, outwit Tony D. and his gang.

8. This anthology of poems tells the story of 14-year-old Leary as he relates his life with his flower-children parents, his friends, and neighbors.

9. This humorous nonfiction work conveys the tales of the author's escapades while living on his cousin's farm during one summer.

10. Adam becomes emotionally interested in his lawyer-father's client as she fights hospitalization and treatment for her bone cancer.