ALAN v23n1 - YA Literature Trivia

Young Adult Trivia -- The 1995 Best Books for Young Adults

(Compiled by Kay Parks Bushman)


Can you name the following young adult works chosen by the American Library Association as some of the Best Books for Young Adults for 1995? (Answers onp. 54)

1. Floyd Rayfield, who has been shifted from one foster home to another,finally takes off to experience his hanblecheya.

2. This book of short stories focuses on young adults who are dealing with the awareness and conflicts of being homosexual.

3. A seemingly innocent prank of stealing road signs results in tragedy as a young mother is killed and Remy and Morgan must decide whether or not to coverup the truth.

4. The lives of two families in a Missouri farming community are turned upside down when their two daughters become involved with each other.

5. This multi-generational novel begins with the kidnapping of Muhammad Bilalas he is forced into a life of slavery in the United States.

6. Mary Chase fights to save her own mother from execution during the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

7. In Zimbabwe in 2194, three strange detectives seek out the kidnapped children of General Matsika.

8. After witnessing his brother's murder, Tuff leaves his trailer home to seeK the killer and, in the process, meets his father for the first time.

9. Together the poetry and pictures in this book tell the story of ordinary people living in the Great Depression.

10. Sent to military school by his father and step-mother, Mike Tegroff is determined to survive a world of violence and bigotry.