ALAN v24n1 - THE TRIVIA CONNECTION- So You Think You Know Young Adult Literature

Volume 24, Number 1
Fall 1996

So You Think You Know Young Adult Literature

Jim Brewbaker, Columbus State University

Journeys, both literal and figurative, have been central to Western literature since Abraham and Odysseus. So it is with literature for adolescents. For this issue's trivia quiz, match the sixteen journeys described in Column A, following, with the titles and authors listed in Column B. Answers on page 64.


1. At camp, teens on a backpacking trek discover their parents have paid good money to make sure they don't return.

A: William H. Armstrong, Sounder

2. A boy makes a difficult journey on foot to see his father, who has been sentenced to hard labor for stealing a ham.

B: Judy Blume, Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself

3. Brennan hears the call of Coyote Runs, then undertakes a quest that leads him to an Apache holy place.

C: Sheila Burnford, The Incredible Journey

4. A contemporary Jewish girl, bored with her family's Passover celebration, steps outside only to find herself in a Polish village on the brink of the Holocaust.

D: Robert Cormier, I Am the Cheese

5. In Miami Beach following World War II, another Jewish girl becomes convinced that her strange neighbor is Adolf Hitler, escaped and in disguise.

E: Dennis Covington, Lizard

6. Jimmy moves from New York to Chicago to be with Crab, his ex-con father; together they journey to Memphis.

F: Irene Hunt, No Promises in the Wind

7. A disturbed private school student on the brink of expulsion spends an eventful weekend on his own in Manhattan.

G: Lois Lowry, The Giver

8. A gifted youth defies custom in the community and travels toward the unknown perils of Elsewhere.

H: Norma Fox Mazer, A Figure of Speech

9. Her family on the brink of starvation, a teenage girl travels from Vermont to Lowell, Massachusetts, where she finds work in a factory.

I: Walter Dean Myers, Somewhere in the Darkness

10. Jenny and her grandfather, upset with her parents' plan to move the old man to a nursing home, travel to the farm where he lived as a child.

J: Katherine Paterson, Lyddie

11. Lord Gort finds his way home to England during the darkest days of World War II.

K: Gary Paulsen, Canyons

12. Conveying the ashes of his father, Marsh and Edna travel south to Washington, DC, and Arlington National Cemetery.

L: J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

13. Mistakenly placed in a school for retarded boys, Lucius, a physically deformed youngster, escapes with the help of an itinerant actor and heads for Birmingham, Alabama.

M: Julian Thompson, The Grounding of Group Six

14. Paul undertakes a surreal bicycle journey to see his father in a nearby town.

N: Robert Westall, Blitzcat

15. A trio of dogged travelers has a series of narrow escapes as they journey home across the Canadian wilderness.

O: Jane Yolen, The Devil's Arithmetic

16. Another threesome, facing the worst of Depression poverty at home, leave their parents in Chicago and hopa freight train.

P: Paul Zindel, Pardon Me, You're Steppin on My Eyeball