ALAN v21n3 - YA Literature Trivia

Volume 21, Number 3
Spring 1994

Young Adult Literature Trivia -- Prominent Women Authors

compiled by Kay Bushman


The descriptors below represent books written by some of the established women authors in the field of young adult literature. Can you name them?

1. Her first book, written at the age of 16, promoted "staying gold."

2. One of her supernatural books set in Louisiana featured Nore's fight to convince her father that his new wife Lisette was out to murder him.

3. Her book depicting prejudice in the South during the Great Depression tells the story of protagonist Cassie Logan.

4. Buddy Boyle learns that his grandfather, Frank Trenker, was a Nazi guard at Auschwitz.

5. On Rass Island Sara Louise Bradshaw struggles to establish her own identity while her twin sister Caroline seems to have everything going for her.

6. After her father is killed in a 7-11 Store, Davey Wexler and her family move to New Mexico to stay with relatives.

7. In a Cinderella-type story, Marigold, an orphan, is raised by Ruby, a cruel woman who forbids her to share her beautiful singing voice at the Great Gospel Convention.

8. This sequel is the continuing story of Marcy Lewis from The Divorce Express .

9. This is the first book in her trilogy dealing with the Orphan Train from the 1800s.

10. This work of historical fiction features Harriet Hemings, who is rumored to be the daughter of Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings.