ALAN v28n2 - Table of Contents

Volume 28, Number 2
Winter 2001

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Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor
Pamela Sissi Carroll

Robert Cormier, 1925-2000: Tributes
A Reflection Upon the Death of Robert Cormier
John H. Ritter
You Dared, Bob; Thank God You Dared
John S. Simmons
We Keep Pedaling
ReLeah Lent and Gloria Pipkin
Listening to Kids In America
Rodman Philbrick
Writing from the Broken Places
Ann Turner
The Girls' Story: Adolescent Novels Set in the Middle Ages
Mary H. McNulty
Jack Gantos: On Domestic Craziness and Big-Hearted Kids
An Interview With Gail P. Gregg
Young Adult Books In Review: Recently Published Titles
Jeff Kaplan
Taming the Alien Genre: Bringing Science Fiction into the Classromm
Katherine T. Bucher and M. Lee Manning
Bonding in the Broken Places
Kathy Cline
Holes : Folklore Redux
Elizabeth G. Mascia
The First Printz Award Designations: Winners All
Jean Pollard Dimmitt
Interrelated Themes in the Young Adolescent Novels of Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve
Jim Charles
Surviving the Journey: Literature Meets Life
Martha Brooks
Happily Ever After? Teens and Fairy Tales
Diane P. Tuccillo