ALAN v28n3 - Table of Contents

Volume 28, Number 3
Spring/Summer 2001

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Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor
Pamela Sissi Carroll
A Teacher of High School Language Arts Speaks with Chris Crutcher
An Interview by Debbie Erenberger
Lessons and Lives: Why Young Adult Literature Matters
Gary M. Salvner
Placing Fictional Facts on Imaginary Audiences: Using Adolescent Literature to Teach Lesson-Planning in Secondary Methods Courses
Maryanne R. Bednar and Francis J. Ryan
For(e)knowledge of Youth: Malaeska: The Indian Wife of the White Hunter
Charles H. Frey
Picture Books for Young Adult Readers
Sunya Osborn
The Interdisciplinary Connection
Words on World: Defining English as an Interdisciplinary Subject

James Brewbaker, Editor
Clip and File YA Book Reviews
Jeff Kaplan, Editor
Spiritual Quest in Young Adult Literature
Gail Radley
A Psychological Perspective of Teen Romances in Young Adult Literature
Cheryl L. Dickson
"I Hate Reading If I Don't Have To": Results from a Longitudinal Study of High School Students' Reading Interest
Lisa A. Hale and Chris Crowe
No Need to "Duck, Run and Hide": Young Adult Poetry that Taps into You
Laura R. Lipsett
The Professional Connection
Critical Essays about Two Books in the Greenwood Press "Critical Companion" Series

Susan Elkins and John Nicklas
Kathleen Carico, Editor