ALAN Review - Volume 29 Number 1

Fall 2001

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A Note from the Editor
Pamela Sissi Carroll PDF[461 KB] HTML[8 KB]
An Interview with Randy Powell
Don Gallo PDF[1.0 MB] HTML[23 KB]
E-Interview: Norma Fox Mazer
Ann Angel PDF[1.1 MB] HTML[27 KB]
Creating Imaginative Worlds: Unique Detail and Structure in Norma Fox Mazer's Young Adult Fiction
Ann Angel PDF[1.5 MB] HTML[30 KB]
Using Norma Fox Mazer's Out of Control to Reach Kids Where They Hide
C J Bott PDF[860 KB] HTML[20 KB]
E-Interview: Author T.A. Barron in Conversation
Sissi Carroll PDF[880 KB] HTML[21 KB]
Birth/Death/Rebirth: Pairing Young Adult and Classic Novels To Teach Situational Archetypes
Christine Sanderson PDF[1.2 MB] HTML[29 KB]
High School Connection:
If You Want Resources About YA Literature, This is Your Shopping List (A Resource List for High School Teachers and Librarians)

Ann Wilder and Alan B. Teasley, Editors PDF[1.1 MB] HTML[27 KB]
Clip and File YA Book Reviews
Jeff Kaplan, Editor PDF[3.8 MB] HTML[48 KB]
Are We There Yet? A Retrospective Look at John Donovan's I'll Get There. It Better Be Worth the Trip.
Don Latham PDF[1.8 MB] HTML[40 KB]
Caulder's Story: Chinese Handcuffs and The Untold Story of the Vietnam War
Thomas Philion PDF[1.5 MB] HTML[36 KB]
Between Voice and Voicelessness: Transacting Silence in Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak
Elaine J. O'Quinn PDF[1.4 KB] HTML [33 KB]
Organize! A Look at Labor History in Young Adult Books
Deborah Wilson Overstreet PDF[2.0 MB] HTML[47 KB]
John R. Tunis and the Sports Novels for Adolescents: A Little Ahead of His Time
John S. Simmons PDF[1.7 MB] HTML[41 KB]