ALAN Volume 29, Number 2 - Table of Contents

Volume 29, Number 2
Winter 2002

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A Note from the Editor PDF [282 KB] HTML [8 KB]
May I Recommend Three Brand New, Stunning YA Books for Your Summer Reading List
Sissi Carroll PDF [282 KB] HTML [12 KB]

The Holocaust Fiction of Carol Matas
Ed Sullivan PDF [842 KB] HTML [19 KB]
A Telephone Interview with Carol Matas
An Interview by Ed Sullivan PDF [1.1 MB] HTML [26 KB]
Notes From Girl X: Anne Frank at the Millennium
Holli Levitsky PDF [1.4 MB] HTML [29 KB]
The Motherless Daughter: An Evolving Archetype of Adolescent Literature
James Lovelace and Laura Howell Smith PDF [1.4 MB] HTML [33 KB]
Reappearing Fathers, Reappearing Pasts: History, Gender, and Identity in Hamilton's Plain City and Myers' Somewhere in the Darkness
Laura Apol PDF [1.6 MB] HTML [36 KB]
Francesca Lia Block's Use of Enchantment: Teenagers' Need for Magic in the Real World
Lois L. Warner PDF [1.2 MB] HTML [29 KB]
Clip and File Y A Book Reviews
Jeff Kaplan, Editor PDF [5.3 MB] HTML [53 KB]
Using Fantasy Literature to Explore Gender Issues
Marsha M. Sprague and Lori Risher PDF [1.1 MB] HTML [28 KB]
Middle School Connection
It's a Good Thing If You Get It

M. Linda Broughton PDF [773 KB] HTML [17 KB]
The Outsiders is Still "In": Why This Old Novel Is So Popular with Teens, and Some Activities Students Enjoy
Lauren Groot with Martha Story PDF [837 MB] HTML [20 KB]
Backwards in Time and Forward in Spirit: Teaching Year of Impossible Goodbyes
Terry Martin and Tracey Brown PDF [1.3 MB] HTML [ KB]
Introducing My Students to My Friends in Young Adult Literature
Patricia L. Daniel PDF [856 KB] HTML [21 KB]
Mapping A History of Adolescence and Literature for Adolescents
Greg Hamilton PDF [1.9 MB] HTML [44 KB]
The Research Connection
Articles About Young Adult Literature

Ted Hipple PDF [1.7 MB] HTML [38 KB]