ALAN v35n1 - Honoring Ted Hipple by Keeping YA Literature Alive for Future Generations

Volume 35, Number 1
Fall 2007
Joan Kaywell

Honoring Ted Hipple by Keeping YA Literature Alive for Future Generations

A photo of Ted Hipple.

In Memory of Ted Hipple (7/2/35–11/25/04): Survey Results to a Special Collection in His Name: USF, ALAN and Authors Wish You Well Eternally!

Facts about Theodore Hipple

It is fitting that Ted Hipple passed away on Thanksgiving morning as his is a life that so many of us give thanks for, both knowingly and unknowingly. Ted’s quick wit, jovial nature, great laugh, and dedication to the profession were infectious and his service record, humbling.

Did you know, for example, that Ted was ...

  • One of the founders of the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents (ALAN) of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), an organization for which he served for more years “than most of us have been teaching” and was the first recipient of its service award—named in his honor—in 2000?
  • Department Chairperson at the University of Florida, joining UF fall 1968, and was colleagues with former ALAN President, Authors4Teens creator, and the Godfather of YA short stories Don Gallo for as many years as “the earth’s been cooling”?
  • Presented the Florida Council Teachers of English Honor Award in 1980, FCTE’s most prestigious award, for notable service to advance the teaching of the language arts in Florida?
  • A prolific writer—having published numerous books, countless journal articles, and more congratulatory notes and/or ones of thanks that would surpass the net worth of Donald Trump and Bill Gates combined?
  • Department Chairperson and Professor at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (went to UT the fall of 1984) where he mentored new doctoral students like Amy Maupin (Transylvania U) and ALAN President-elect David Gill (UNCW) as well as new assistant professors like Lisa Scherff (UA) while continuing to mentor his former doctoral students, the likes of Jeff Kaplan (UCF) and me (USF) here in Florida?

My relationship with Ted went back 30 years, though we got close beginning around 1983. I have been so blessed by having him as a mentor. He was the one who showed me the way life could be in a myriad of ways as he was the model professor, colleague, friend, and father figure. I was fortunate to be able to attend his memorial service, which occurred on Thursday, 12/2/04, in Knoxville, Tennessee. The service was a moving display of the far-reaching effects of a gifted teacher and an awesome human being. There were well over 200 people in attendance and so many more who sent cards and gave testimonials as to how their lives were so positively influenced by his passion for teaching, integrity, life, and service. Here is a sample:

  • The world of young adult literature has lost a giant. (Bill Mollineaux, 2003 ALAN President)
  • Shakespeare gave his highest praise to one of his characters, a person he wrote, for whom “age cannot wither, nor custom stale.” Such was true of Ted, vibrant, outgoing, always interested in life and in us, his colleagues and friends. He is irreplaceable, and he will be missed. (Leila Christenbury, 2002 NCTE President)
  • I admired his passion and knowledge for young adult literature. (Linda Rief, author and middle school teacher)
  • He was a model for everything that was good and honorable and worthwhile in our lives and in our profession. . . .To paraphrase a line from Shakespeare: “We shall not soon see his like pass this way again.” (Jeff Golub, 2002 FCTE Honor Award recipient, USF Professor Emeritus)
  • He was always a stand in a river of indifference . . . with a voice that resounded with clarity. I so appreciated that from him and trusted his views. (Carol Pope, English Education Section Editor)

To read more about Ted Hipple, read “In Memoriam: Ted Hipple” by Donald R. Gallo and Joellen Maples in English Journal, Volume 94, Number 3, January 2005, 10-12.

Deciding How to Best Remember Ted Hippie

One of Ted’s concerns was
keeping YA literature
readily available and he
used to say, “It seems that
YA books go out of print
just about as quickly as
they come into print.”

It was during the memorial service that I decided that we needed to create something in his name so others could be inspired by his many contributions. One of Ted’s concerns was keeping YA literature readily available and he used to say, “It seems that YA books go out of print just about as quickly as they come into print.” Although admittedly unscientific, on June 21, 2006, I e-mailed ALAN members this question: Is there a young adult book you absolutely love that has gone out of print?

From then until September 2006, individuals could name one out-of-print young adult book they would love to see reissued. This message was forwarded by ALAN members and posted on message boards, and responses were obtained from librarians, educators, authors, parents, editors, and one teenager. Respondents were asked to provide three bits of information: the name of the book, the author of the book, and whether they would most identify themselves as a librarian, educator, parent, or student.

The Results

In short, responses were obtained from 116 people: 68 educators, 28 librarians, 10 parents, 7 authors, 2 editors, and one teenager.

The following 12 books received more than one nomination in descending order:

  • (4) The Quartzsite Trip by William Hogan (3 Educators & Librarian)
  • (4) The Only Alien on the Planet by Kristen Randle (2 Educators, Editor, & Parent)
  • (3) The Dog King by Paul Collins (2 Educators & Parent)
  • (2) Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John by Pearl S. Buck (Parent & Educator)
  • (2) Sex Education by Jenny Davis (2 Educators)
  • (2) The Magic Meadow by Alexander Key (Educator & Author)
  • (2) Kinship by Trudy Krisher (Educator & Author)
  • (2) Othello: A Novel by Julius Lester (2 Educators)
  • (2) Miriam’s Well by Lois Ruby (Educator & Librarian)
  • (2) A Couple of Kooks and other Stories about Love by Cynthia Rylant (Educator & Librarian)
  • (2) Making Up Megaboy by Virginia Walter (2 Educators)*
  • (2) Sparrow Lake by Carol Beech York (Educator & Librarian)

The following five authors received more than one nomination for different books: (4) Gordon Korman*, (3) Sue Ellen Bridgers*, (2) Margaret Mahy, (2) Barbara Shoup, and (2) Betty Smith. See Appendix 1 for the remaining list of 87 titles, receiving one nomination. NOTE: Those bolded items that have an asterisk beside them are now available in the Ted Hipple Special Collection (see Appendix 3).

Initially, I was going to see about finding these books and getting them digitized until I found out how complicated the copyright issues had become regarding that process. Finally, with the help of Mark Greenberg, the Director of the University of South Florida (USF)’s Special Collections Department, and Jamie Hansen, the USF Special Collections Cataloguer, the idea for a Ted Hipple Special Collection was conceived. For the next year, I solicited donations from people via e-mail, phone calls, personal letters, blogs, and “various and sundry” means.

The Dedication

On May 23, 2007, The Ted Hipple Special Collection of Autographed First-Edition and Out-of-Print Young Adult Books was officially dedicated (See Poster Session at 2007 ALAN Workshop in New York). Ted’s wife of 49 years, Marge Hipple, flew in from Tennessee for the event as well as two of their three children—Kathy Hipple from New York City and Betsy Hipple from Los Angeles. Besides USF’s Assistant Provost Dwayne Smith, Dr. Lisa Scherff came from Alabama and Dr. Jeff Kaplan drove over from Orlando, Florida. Mark Greenberg gave the opening remarks and read a letter from ALAN Executive Secretary Dr. Gary Salvner (See Appendix 2). There wasn’t a dry eye among the Hipples and several others were also affected among the 50 or so in attendance as I read my personal tribute to Ted while the same PowerPoint shown at ALAN 2005 was playing in the background. (To see this visual tribute to Ted Hipple developed by USF doctoral student Jim Sams, please visit my website at ).

Next, award-winning novelist Lois Duncan graciously addressed the audience with her wit and charm, expressing the importance of such a collection to the field of adolescent literature. She also shared some of her poetry from her newest book, Seasons of the Heart (a print-on-demand book available from iuniverse 1-800-288-4677), and helped us all believe that a new spring will come after those winter periods of grief and sorrow. Lois Duncan generously donated the proceeds of the night’s sales as well as her talk for the continuation of this Special Collection. Since my first edited trade book Dear Author: Letters of Hope was actually dedicated to Ted Hipple, a portion of the royalties has been donated to the Ted Hipple Fund established by the ALAN Board of Directors after his death; a match has also been given by Philomel for this cause.

Finally, a plaque was given to the Hipple family and they were invited to do the actual ribbon cutting for the 333 donated books. Of these 333 first-edition autographed books, 25 were advanced reading copies, 12 included both an advanced reading copy and its first edition, and 2 were original manuscripts prior to publication. Forty-nine authors sent me their personal copies for inclusion and eight colleagues—Dick Abrahamson, Chris Crowe, Don Gallo, Sarah Herz, Teri Lesesne, Alleen Pace Nilsen, Cinda Snow, and Alan Teasley—contributed. Three publishers—Farrar, Straus and Giroux; HarperCollins; and Peachtree Publishers—donated, and both of my sons—Christopher Maida and Stephen Kaywell—gave many of their personal “association copies” to this Special Collection. See Appendix 3 for the complete list of books acquired thus far.

What You Can Do

Ted Hipple was a true
advocate of professional
service and practiced
what he preached. In
addition to serving as
President of ALAN from
1977 to 1979, Hipple was
Executive Secretary of our
group for nearly 20 years
before retiring from that
post in 2000.

Ted Hipple was a true advocate of professional service and practiced what he preached. In addition to serving as President of ALAN from 1977 to 1979, Hipple was Executive Secretary of our group for nearly 20 years before retiring from that post in 2000. On the NCTE convention program every year for nearly 35 years, Ted’s was a familiar face at the ALAN Breakfast and ALAN Workshop. He also served as chair of CEE (Conference on English Education) and as chair and associate chair of the NCTE Secondary Section; he served at the local and state levels as well. Visit the NCTE Web site for an article on volunteering with NCTE and/or your state affiliate— “Ask Not What NCTE Can Do for You”—written by Hipple for the Fall 2000 Council-Grams at Ted Writes,

Bob [Hogan] . . . said, ‘NCTE must have volunteers or it will collapse.’ So it was then, so it is now. And not just, or even mainly, for the national outfit, but also for state and local affiliates. Look about you, please . . . [and] become a volunteer for NCTE or your state or local affiliate. Get involved; be a player. You don’t have to run for elective office or give the luncheon address. Those jobs can come later. For now. . . . Ask to join a committee. And what’s in it for you? In addition to helping out, you will find it personally and professionally among the most enriching experiences you can have. Trust me on that last point. I’ve been around the NCTE volunteer block a time or two and wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

It is no accident that I stepped up to the plate to serve as ALAN’s Membership Secretary with Dr. Gary Salvner serving as its Executive Secretary. Please notice that the position Ted held for almost two decades had to be split in two.

In conclusion, I hope you join me in honoring Ted and what he represents by serving the profession in some way: Volunteer for a professional organization; give a young adult book to a teenager to read since, in Ted’s words, “It’s better THAT they read rather than WHAT they read!”; recruit a new ALAN member (, the organization so dear to Ted’s heart; or donate to this Special Collection in some way. If you have an autographed first-edition of a YA book or an out-of-print YA book that you would like to donate to this collection, please e-mail me at or send it to me at Joan F. Kaywell, Ph.D., College of Education 162, University of South Florida, 4202 E Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33620-5650. Remember a foundation has been established through ALAN in Ted’s name to help this Special Collection grow. If you care to donate, you can do so by contacting ALAN Treasurer Marge Ford at ; your contributions are tax deductible.

I hope you are as excited as I am that the literature that Ted loved so well can be preserved in his name. My next step is to actually purchase old YA first editions as I find them, mail them to authors for their signature, and continue growing the collection until I join Ted in the hereafter. Of course, the ALAN Workshop will always guarantee some new books, and I hope you will consider bequeathing your personal autographed titles when the time is right.

I’ll close with what Mike Angelotti, Professor of English Education at the University of Oklahoma, had to say about Ted at his memorial: “Good humor. Guttural laugh. Always positive. Tireless worker for endless causes. . . Move over Saint Peter. There is a new Executive Secretary in town!”

Appendix 1

87 Out-of-Print Young Adult Titles, Receiving One Nomination (Alphabetized by Author)

*Bolded Items are now available in the Ted Hipple Special Collection (see Appendix 3).

  1. Mildred Ames: Anna to the Infinite Power (Educator)
  2. Chester Aaron: Lackawanna: A Novel (Educator)
  3. Goldie Alexander: Mavis Road Medley (Educator)
  4. Avi: Wolfrider (Educator)
  5. Natalie Babbitt: The Search for Delicious (Educator)
  6. Rob Batista: Street Angel (Educator)
  7. James W. Bennett: Squared Circle (Educator)
  8. Robert Hugh Benson: Come Rack Come Rope (Educator)
  9. Pierre Berton: The Secret World of Og (Educator)
  10. Sue Ellen Bridgers: All Together Now (Educator)
  11. Sue Ellen Bridgers: All We Know of Heaven (Educator)*
  12. Sue Ellen Bridgers: Home before Dark (Educator)
  13. Bruce Brooks: Midnight Hour Encores (Educator)
  14. Bill and Vera Cleaver: Where the Lilies Bloom (Author)
  15. Daniel Cohen: The Headless Roommate and other Tales of Horror (Educator)
  16. Dennis Covington: Lizard (Educator)
  17. Gary Crew: Strange Objects (Librarian)
  18. Gilbert Cross: A Hanging at Tyburn (Educator)
  19. Charlotte Culin: Cages of Glass, Flowers of Time (Educator)
  20. Jane Louise Curry: The Bassumtype Treasure (Librarian)
  21. Jennifer Dabbs: It’s Beyond Redemption (Librarian)
  22. Nicole Davidson: Crash Course (Librarian)
  23. Terry Davis: If Rock and Roll Were a Machine (Educator)
  24. Carl Deuker: Heart of a Champion (Librarian)
  25. John Donovan: I’ll Get There, It Better Be Worth the Trip (Author)
  26. Gerald Durrell: The Mockery Bird (Teenager)
  27. Hazel Edwards: General Store (Educator)
  28. Carolyn Dwight Emerson: The Magic Tunnel (Librarian)
  29. Zach Emerson: Welcome to Vietnam (Educator)
  30. Ronald Fair: Cornbread, Earl and Me (Educator)
  31. Mary Gallagher: Spend It Foolishly (Librarian)
  32. Paul Gallico: The Man Who Was Magic (Parent)
  33. Don Gallo: Connections (Educator)*
  34. Nancy Garden: Loners (Librarian)
  35. Sheila Garrigue: The Eternal Spring of Mr. Ito (Author)
  36. Libby Gleeson: Eleanor Elizabeth (Parent)
  37. Sheila Gordon: Waiting for the Rain (Educator)
  38. David Haynes: Right by My Side (Educator)
  39. James Herriott: All Creatures Great and Small (Educator)
  40. Karen Hesse: Witness (Educator)
  41. William H. Hooks: Maria’s Cave (Educator)
  42. Paul Janesczko: Poetspeak: In Their work, about Their Work (Author)
  43. Philip D. Jordan: Fiddlefoot Jones of the North Woods (Educator)
  44. Gordon and Bernice Korman: The D- Poems of Jeremy Bloom (Educator)
  45. Gordon Korman: Don’t Care High (Educator)
  46. Gordon Korman: I Want to Go Home (Librarian)
  47. Gordon Korman: Macdonald Hall (Educator)
  48. Gordon Korman: Son of Interflux (Author)
  49. Evelyn Sibley Lampman: The City Under the Back Steps (Librarian)
  50. Ellen Levine: A Fence Away from Freedom (Educator)
  51. Margaret Mahy: The Boy Who Was Followed Home (Librarian)
  52. Margaret Mahy: The Tricksters (Educator)
  53. John Marsden: So Much to Tell You by Librarian)
  54. Sharon Bell Mathis: Listen to the Fig Tree (Educator)
  55. Mercer Mayer: Me and My Flying Machine (Parent)
  56. Eloise Jarvis McGraw: Greensleeves (Librarian)
  57. Theresa Nelson: Earthshine (Librarian)
  58. Joan Lowery Nixon: House on Hackman’s Hill (Educator)
  59. Roger Norman: Albion’s Dream (Parent)
  60. Andre Norton: Stand and Deliver (Educator)
  61. Andrew J. Offutt: The Galactic Rejects (Librarian)
  62. Gary Paulsen: Harris and Me (Librarian)
  63. Christopher Pike: Last Vampire Series (Librarian)
  64. Elizabeth Marie Pope: The Perilous Gard (Educator)
  65. Hans Jurgen Press: The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang (Educator)
  66. Jean Renvoize: A Wild Thing (Librarian)
  67. David Rish: A Dozen Eggs (Librarian)
  68. S.L. Rottman: Hero (Educator)*
  69. Marisabina Russo: House of Sports (Librarian)
  70. James Willard Schultz: A Son of the Navajos (Educator)
  71. Sheila Schwartz: Growing Up Guilty (Educator)
  72. Barbara Shoup: Stranded in Harmony (Librarian)
  73. Barbara Shoup: Wish You Were Here (Educator)
  74. Betty Smith: Maggie-Now (Parent)
  75. Betty Smith: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Educator)
  76. Zilpha Keatley Snyder: Black & Blue Magic (Parent)
  77. Celia Strang: This Child Is Mine (Librarian)
  78. Marc Talbert: The Heart of a Jaguar (Editor)
  79. Erika Tamar: Fair Game (Librarian)
  80. Julian Thompson: The Grounding of Group Six (Educator)
  81. Yoshiko Uchida: Journey to Topaz (Educator)
  82. Dorothy Van Woerkom: Becky and the Bear (Librarian)
  83. Victoria Walker: The Winter of Enchantment (Parent)
  84. Stanley Gordon West: Growing an Inch (Educator)
  85. Robert Westall: Gulf (Educator)
  86. Robb White: The Lion’s Paw (Educator)
  87. Paul Zindel: The Pigman (Educator)

Appendix 2

Letter from ALAN Executive Secretary Gary Salvner


May 22, 2007

Dear Marge, Joan, and friends and family of Ted Hipple,

I'm sorry I can't be with you on this special day. If anyone in the field of young adult literature deserves to have a special collection of Ya titles named after him, it is Ted Hipple.

I succeeded Ted as Executive Secretary of ALAN in 2000—succeeded but didn't replace a man who had given nearly 20 years of leadership to the organization. I had been president and on ALAN board for a number of years, but I had in no way of appreciating the steady, behind-the-scenes guidance Ted gave to us until I was challenged with taking over. Ted always made those management tasks look easy, alert continually to both small details and large implications. In particular, he was attentive to people of ALAN, its members and officers. "Don't worry; you'll do fine," Ted said as I took over, and it was only because he answered nearly all my frantic e-mails within hours that I got settled into what will always, to me, be "Ted's job."

If anything was professionally more important to Ted than ALAN, i was the field of young adult literature itself. None of us could keep up with his reading pace, we all hung on those brief e-mails of his stating, "I just read...It's a great one. Give it a try." Ted Hipple shaped the summer reading lists in many, many professionals in the field with his "Give it a try" tips.

In a brief tribute to Ted after his death in 2004, I wrote, "Ted Hipple was like those great young adult novels he recommended—spirited, thoughtful, and masterfully composed. He was sometimes funny, always honest, never boring. Ted was the book you couldn't put down. He's the book we won't forget."

The Ted Hipple Special Collection of Autographed First Edition and Out-of-Print Young Adult Books further ensures that we won't forget this titan in the field of young adult literature. My greetings to all of you as you join to dedicate this very special collection in honor of a very special man.


Gary Salvner

Gary Salvner
Executive Secretary, ALAN
Youngstown State University

Appendix 3

The Ted Hipple Special Collection of Autographed First Edition and Out-of-Print Young Adult Books—Dedication May 23, 2007

*Advanced Reading Copy.
**Both Advanced Reading Copy and First Edition

  1. Laurie Halse Anderson: Speak
  2. Sandy Asher: Dude! Stories and Stuff for Boys
  3. Sandy Asher: On Her Way: Stories and Poems about Growing Up a Girl
  4. Sandy Asher: Out of Here
  5. Sandy Asher: With All My Heart, With All My Mind: 13 Stories about Growing Up Jewish
  6. Andrew Auseon: Funny Little Monkey
  7. *Avi: Crispin: The Cross of Lead
  8. T. A. Barron: The Great Tree of Avalon Book One: Child of the Dark Prophecy
  9. **T. A. Barron: The Great Tree of Avalon Book Two: Shadows on the Stars
  10. T. A. Barron: The Great Tree of Avalon Book Three: The Eternal Flame
  11. T. A. Barron: The Hero’s Trail
  12. *T. A. Barron: Tree Girl
  13. T. A. Barron: The Wings of Merlin
  14. L. G. Bass: Sign of the Qin
  15. Joan Bauer: Best Foot Forward
  16. Joan Bauer: Stand Tall
  17. Marion Dane Bauer: Am I Blue? Coming Out from the Silence
  18. Raymond Bial: Tenement: Immigrant Life on the Lower East Side
  19. Edward Bloor: Crusader
  20. **Edward Bloor: London Calling
  21. Edward Bloor: London Calling
  22. Sue Ellen Bridgers: All We Know of Heaven
  23. Sue Ellen Bridgers: Keeping Christina
  24. Sue Ellen Bridgers: Permanent Connections
  25. Kevin Brooks: Lucas: A Story of Love and Hate
  26. Kevin Brooks: Martyn Pig
  27. Martha Brooks: Being with Henry
  28. Jen Bryant: Pieces of Georgia
  29. Jen Bryant: Thomas Merton: Poet, Prophet, Priest
  30. Jen Bryant: The Trial
  31. Dori Hillestad Butler: Do You Know the Monkey Man?
  32. Michael Cadnum: Forbidden Forest: The Story of Little John and Robin Hood
  33. Michael Cadnum: In a Dark Wood
  34. Michael Cadnum: Raven of the Waves
  35. Elisa Carbone: Blood on the River, Jamestown 1607
  36. Orson Scott Card: Ender’s Game
  37. Michael Cart: The Best American Non-Required Reading
  38. Michael Cart: From Romance to Realism: 50 Years of Growth and Change in Young Adult Literature
  39. Michael Cart: Love and Sex: Ten Stories of Truth
  40. Michael Cart: My Father’s Scar
  41. Michael Cart: Necessary Noise: Stories about Our Families as They Really Are
  42. Michael Cart: Presenting Robert Lipsyte
  43. Michael Cart: Tomorrowland: Stories about the Future
  44. Michael Cart: What’s So Funny? Wit and Humor in Children’s Literature
  45. James Bucky Carter: Building Literacy Connections with Graphic Novels
  46. Jan Cheripko: Rat
  47. Judith Ortiz Cofer: The Year of Our Revolution
  48. **Sneed B. Collard: Flash Point
  49. Kevin Crossley-Holland: Arthur at the Crossing Places
  50. **Chris Crowe: Getting Away with Murder: The True Story of the Emmett Till Case
  51. **Chris Crowe: Mississippi Trial, 1955
  52. Chris Crutcher: Ironman
  53. Chris Crutcher: The Sledding Hill
  54. Chris Crutcher: Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes
  55. **Chris Crutcher: Whale Talk
  56. Christopher Paul Curtis: Bucking the Sarge
  57. Karen Cushman: Matilda Bone
  58. Maureen Daly: Acts of Love
  59. Dana Davidson: Jason Kyra
  60. Monalisa DeGross: Donavan’s Word Jar
  61. Mark Delaney: Misfits No. 2: Of Heroes and Villains
  62. Mark Delaney: Pepperland
  63. Matt de la Pena: Ball Don’t Lie
  64. Sarah Dessen: Dreamland
  65. Sarah Dessen: Just Listen
  66. Kenneth L. Donelson & Alleen Pace Nilsen: Literature for Today’s Young Adults
  67. Jennifer Donnelly: A Northern Light
  68. Sharon Draper: Copper Son
  69. Sharon M. Draper: Jazzimagination: A Journal to Read and Write
  70. Sharon M. Draper: Tears of a Tiger
  71. Lois Duncan: Seasons of the Heart
  72. Lois Duncan: They Never Came Home
  73. Jeanne DuPrau: The City of Ember
  74. Laura Elliot: Annie, Between the States
  75. Laura Elliott: Flying South
  76. L.M. Elliott: Give Me Liberty
  77. L.M. Elliott: Under a War Torn Sky
  78. Deborah Ellis: A Company of Fools
  79. Nancy Farmer: The Ear, the Eye and the Arm
  80. Nancy Farmer: The House of the Scorpion
  81. Jean Ferris: Love Among the Walnuts
  82. *Sharon G. Flake: Bang!
  83. Sharon G. Flake: The Skin I’m In
  84. Sharon G. Flake: Who Am I Without Him: Short Stories about Girls and the Boys in Their Lives
  85. Paul Fleischman: Breakout
  86. Alex Flinn: Breathing Underwater
  87. Adrian Fogelin: Anna Casey’s Place in the World
  88. Adrian Fogelin: The Big Nothing
  89. Adrian Fogelin: Crossing Jordan
  90. Adrian Fogelin: My Brother’s Hero
  91. **Adrian Fogelin: The Real Question
  92. Adrian Fogelin: Sister Spider Knows All
  93. Russell Freedman: Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery
  94. Cornelia Funke: Inkspell
  95. Don Gallo: Center Stage: Plays for Young Adults
  96. Don Gallo: Connections
  97. Don Gallo: Destination Unexpected
  98. Don Gallo: First Crossing
  99. Don Gallo: Join In
  100. Don Gallo: No Easy Answers
  101. Don Gallo: On the Fringe
  102. Don Gallo: Short Circuits
  103. Don Gallo: Sixteen
  104. Don Gallo: Time Capsule
  105. Don Gallo: Ultimate Sports
  106. Don Gallo: Visions
  107. **Don Gallo: What Are You Afraid Of? Stories about Phobias
  108. Don Gallo: Within Reach
  109. Nancy Garden: Annie on My Mind
  110. Nancy Garden: Dove and Sword
  111. Nancy Garden: Endgame
  112. Nancy Garden: Good Moon Rising
  113. Nancy Garden: Lark in the Morning
  114. Nancy Garden: The Year They Burned the Books
  115. Mel Glenn: Class Dismissed!
  116. Mel Glenn: Split Image: A Story in Poems
  117. Alan Gratz: Samurai Shortstop
  118. Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan: Vincent van Gogh, Portrait of an Artist
  119. Nikki Grimes: Bronx Masquerade
  120. Nikki Grimes: Dark Sons
  121. *Nikki Grimes: The Road to Paris
  122. *Brent Hartinger: The Order of the Poison Oak
  123. Jim Haskins: Separate But Not Equal: The Dream and the Struggle
  124. Patricia Hermes: Emma Dilemma and the New Nanny
  125. Karen Hesse: Letters from Rifka
  126. Karen Hesse: Phoenix Rising
  127. *Linda Oatman High: Sister Slam and the Poetic Motormouth Road Trip
  128. Valerie Hobbs: Sonny’s War
  129. Will Hobbs: Crossing the Wire
  130. Will Hobbs: Down the Yukon
  131. Will Hobbs: Ghost Canoe
  132. Will Hobbs: Jackie’s Wild Seattle
  133. Will Hobbs: Leaving Protection
  134. Will Hobbs: The Maze
  135. Will Hobbs: River Thunder
  136. Will Hobbs: Wild Man Island
  137. Michael Hoeye: No Time Like Show Time
  138. Gloria Houston: Littlejim’s Dreams
  139. Gloria Houston: Mountain Valor (original manuscript)
  140. Gloria Houston: Mountain Valor
  141. Pat Hughes: Open Ice
  142. Jeanette Ingold: The Big Burn
  143. Jeanette Ingold: Pictures, 1918
  144. Angela Johnson: Gone from Home
  145. *Patrick Jones: Nailed
  146. Gail Karwoski: Miracle: The True Story of the Wreck of the Sea Adventure
  147. Gail Karwoski: Quake: Disaster in San Francisco, 1906
  148. Gail Karwoski: Tsunami: The True Story of an April Fools’ Day Disaster
  149. Joan F. Kaywell: Adolescent Literature as a Complement to the Classics, Volume One
  150. **Joan F. Kaywell: Dear Author: Letters of Hope
  151. Joan F. Kaywell: Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope with Family Issues
  152. Sally M. Keehn: The First Horse I See
  153. M. E. Kerr: Blood On The Forehead
  154. M. E. Kerr: “Hello,” I Lied
  155. M. E. Kerr: Little Little
  156. M. E. Kerr: Slap Your Sides.
  157. M. E. Kerr: What I Really Think of You
  158. M. E. Kerr: Your Eyes In Stars
  159. Daniel Keyes: Algernon, Charlie and I: A Writer’s Journey
  160. David Klass: You Don’t Know Me
  161. Annette Curtis Klause: Freaks Alive, on the Inside!
  162. Ron Koertge: The Brimstone Journals
  163. Ron Koertge: Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright
  164. Ron Koertge: Shakespeare Bats Cleanup
  165. Kathe Koja: Buddha Boy
  166. Kathe Koja: Talk
  167. Gordon Korman: Son of the Mob
  168. Marie G. Lee: F Is for Fabuloso
  169. Marie G. Lee: Necessary Roughness
  170. A.C. LeMieux: Dare to Be, Me!
  171. A.C. LeMieux: Do Angels Sing the Blues?
  172. A.C. LeMieux: The TV Guidance Counselor
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