ALAN v40n2 - Table of Contents

Volume 40, Number 2
Winter 2013

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From the Editors
Steven Bickmore, Jacqueline Bach, and Melanie Hundley PDF [302 KB] HTML [13 KB]

Call for Manuscripts PDF [190 KB] HTML [6 KB]
Celebrating the Past/Envisioning the Future: The Next 40 Years of ALAN
The President's Connection

Jeffrey Kaplan PDF [332 KB] HTML [27 KB]
Understanding the Appeal of Dystopian Young Adult Fiction
Justin Scholes, Jon Ostenson PDF [422 KB] HTML [51 KB]
Forging Golbal Perspectives through Post-colonial Young Adult Literature
E. Sybil Durand PDF [402 KB] HTML [44 KB]
Adolescent Males' Valued Texts: Shaping and Making Their Identities Public
Adrienne Goth, Shanetia P. Clark PDF [427 KB] HTML [42 KB]
Writing Bridges:
How Writers Scaffold Mature Content in YA Literature
Amy Bright PDF [436 KB] HTML [54 KB]
Voices from the Classroom: Young Adult Literature in the 21st Century
Ricki Ginsberg PDF [349 KB] HTML [31 KB]
Complicating Killing in Young Adult Fiction
Michele D. Castleman, Erin F. Reilly–Sanders PDF [378 KB] HTML [39 KB]
Probing Text Complexity:
Reflectings on Reading The Giver as Pre-teens, Teens, and Adults

Angie Beumer Johnson, Laurel Haynes, and Jessie Nastasi PDF [449 KB] HTML [51 KB]

Clip and File
Melanie Hundley PDF [334 KB] HTML [50 KB]
The Undergraduate YA Lit Course: One Iteration
Bill Broz PDF [430 KB] HTML [51 KB]
AP Gatekeeping: Exploring the Myths of Using YAL in an AP English Classroom
The Research Connection

sj Miller PDF [372 KB] HTML [32 KB]
Able Texts: Breaking Stereotypes with/in Children's Novels
The Author's Connection

Beverley Brenna PDF [319 KB] HTML [21 KB]
Immersed in Stories: A New Journey into Reading
The Author's Connection

Amanda Havard PDF [341 KB] HTML [24 KB]

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