ALAN v41n2 - Table of Contents

Volume 41, Number 2
Winter 2014

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From the Editors
Steven Bickmore, Jacqueline Bach, and Melanie Hundley PDF [162 KB] HTML [10 KB]

Call for Manuscripts PDF [95 KB] HTML [6 KB]
The Look of Classic Young Adult Literature
Alan Brown and Joan Mitchell (with Joan Kaywell, Jacqueline Bach, Jennifer Buehler, Chris Crowe, Kia Jane Richmond, Wendy Glenn, Lisa Scherff, and Steven T. Bickmore) PDF [236 KB] HTML [56 KB]
Beyond Sensation: The Hunger Games and Dystopian Critique
Margaret J. Godbey PDF [224 KB] HTML [57 KB]
Girls Who Kill: The Changing Face of YA Warrior Heroines
Marsha Sprague PDF [224 KB] HTML [48 KB]
Construction and Depiction of Identity in Young Adult Novels with Digital Communication Technologies
Melanie D. Koss and Eli Tucker–Raymond PDF [296 KB] HTML [56 KB]
Text Complexity and "Comparable Literary Merit" in Young Adult Literature
sj Miller PDF [278 KB] HTML [68 KB]
From Fire and Thorns to the Bitter End: An Interview with Young Adult Author Rae Carson
Karen S. Hildebrand PDF [240 KB] HTML [31 KB]
Shannon Hitchcock: A New Voice in Historical Fiction
KaaVonia Hinton PDF [202 KB] HTML [22 KB]

Clip and File
Melanie Hundley PDF [138 KB] HTML [23 KB]
Content Analysis of Adolescent Literature Related to Bullying
Jeannette Jones, Larinee Dennis, Melvina Torres–OvRick, and Scott L. Walker PDF [263 KB] HTML [82 KB]
The Portrayal Bullying in Young Adult Books: Characters, Contexts, and Complex Relationships
Janis Harmon and Roxanne Henkin PDF [331 KB] HTML [63 KB]
When Institutions Are Libel for Bullying
The Author Connection
cj Bott, David Gregory, and Josh C. Cohen PDF [169 KB] HTML [26 KB]
Enhancing the Canon with Historical Fiction and Informational Texts
The Interdisciplinary Connection
Melanie Hundley, Steven T. Bickmore, Jacqueline Bach, and Paul E. Binford PDF [163 KB] HTML [25 KB]