ALAN v42n1 - Table of Contents

Volume 42, Number 1
Fall 2014

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Instructions for Authors
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From the Editors
Steven Bickmore, Jacqueline Bach and Melanie Hundley PDF [603 KB] HTML [13 KB]

Call for Manuscripts PDF [140 KB] HTML [5 KB]
Who's Afraid of A.S. King?
A.S. King PDF [326 KB] HTML [38 KB]
In Defense of Messing About in Literature
Robert Montgomery PDF [325 KB] HTML [51 KB]
Making Connections during Transactional Discussions: Adolescents' Empathic Responses to Thirteen Reasons Why
James S. Chisholm and Bethany L. Keller PDF [334 KB] HTML [56 KB]
At the Intersection of Critical Digital Literacies, Young Adult Literature, and Literature Circles
Janette Hughes and Laura Morrison PDF [905 KB] HTML [42 KB]
Queer(ing) Literature in the Secondary English Classroom
Cammie Kim Lin PDF [283 KB] HTML [43 KB]
Linked Text Sets in the English Classroom
Kristine E. Pytash, Katherine E. Batchelor, William Kist, and Kristen Srsen PDF [354 KB] HTML [61 KB]
Book in Review: A Teaching Guide
Sugar and Spice and Everything...FIERCE:
The Resolute Young Women of Always Emily
S.d. Collins PDF [368 KB] HTML [29 KB]
Right to Read
The Tip of the Iceberg
Teri S. Lesesne PDF [370 KB] HTML [40 KB]
Layered Literacies
Stand Our Ground against Stand Your Ground
Susan Groenke, Judson Laughter, with Andrew Swafford PDF [413 KB] HTML [25 KB]
Joan Bauer PDF HTML [27 KB]