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ALAN Review - Volume 43 Number 2

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From the Editors
Adolescence and Adolescents: Defining the Culture of Youth
Wendy Glenn, Ricki Ginsberg and Danielle King PDF [333 KB] HTML [16 KB]

Call for Manuscripts PDF [139 KB] HTML [11 KB]
Trusting Teens and Honoring Their Experiences:
A Collaborative Conversation
Laurie Halse Anderson, Chris Crutcher PDF [185 KB] HTML [27 KB]
The "Necessary Wilderness":
Liminal Settings for Adolescent Emotional Growth in Four Novels by David Almond
Jan Lower PDF [241 KB] HTML [60 KB]
"Creative Cussing":
The Sacred and the Profane in Rick Riordan's Mythical Middle Grade Novels
Genevieve Larson Ford PDF [290 KB] HTML [236 KB]
Postmodern Allegory of Adolescence:
Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman’s Why We Broke Up
Stacy Graber PDF [227 KB] HTML [59 KB]
Acting Adolescent:
Critical Examinations of the Youth-Adult Binary in Feed and Looking for Alaska
Mark A. Lewis, Robert Petrone, Sophia Tatiana, Sarigianides PDF [221 KB] HTML [52 KB] </p>
Addressing Assumptions about Adolescents in a Preservice YAL Course
Michelle M. Falter PDF [1.43 MB] HTML [67 KB] </p>
Book in Review: A Teaching Guide:
Finding Hope and Resilience in Life's Bright Places:
Helping Adolescents Face Life’s Challenges
Barbara Ward PDF [788 KB] HTML [55 KB] </p>
Layered Literacies:
Layered Perspectives of Adolescent Literacies
Erica Holan Lucci with Sandra Schamroth Abrams and Hannah R. Gerber PDF [1.25 MB] HTML [48 KB]
Right to Read:
Embracing the Difficult Truths of Adolescence through Young Adult Literature
Tracy Flores, Meg Medina, with E. Sybil Durand, and Jim Blasingame PDF [838 KB] HTML [31 KB]
Embracing Discomfort in YA Literature
Ashley Pérez PDF [189 KB] HTML [26 KB]