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From the Editors
Rethinking "Normal" and Embracing Differences
Wendy Glenn , Ricki Ginsberg and Danielle King PDF [293 KB]

Call for Manuscripts PDF [293 KB]
Good Teachers Save Lives:
Speech Delivered at the 2015 ALAN Breakfast, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cris Crutcher PDF [122 KB]
Rethinking "Normal":
A Collaborative Conversation
Sharon Draper, Margarita Engle, Benjamin Alire Sáenz, and Holly Goldberg Sloan PDF [122 KB]
Becoming Mockingjays:
Encouraging Student Activism through the Study of YA Dystopia
Sean P. Connors PDF [1 MB]
“The Tricky Reverse Narration That Impels Our Entwined Stories”:
Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home and Queer Temporalities
Michelle Ann Abate PDF [3 MB]
The Stonewall Book Awards for Children's and Young Adult Literature, 2010-2014
Memorable Characters, Current Directions
Janis M. Harmon, Roxanne Henkin PDF [256 KB]
A Multitude of Stories:
The Power of Short Story Collections to Disrupt "Single Stories"
Stephen Adam Crawley PDF [236 KB]
“Everybody Else Gets to Be Normal”:
Using Intersectionality and Ms. Marvel to Challenge “Normal” Identity
Victoria Singh Gill PDF [1 MB]
Dare to Be Different:
Celebrating Difference and Redefining Disability in Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Siobhan McIntyre, Alan Brown
PDF [166 KB]
Finding His Voice and Capturing Hearts:
Chatting with Novelist Vince Vawter
Melissa Comer, Kristen Penneycuff Trent
PDF [838 KB]
Book in Review: A Teaching Guide:
Of Birkenstocks and Chromosomes and Spiders Who Spell Well
Toby Emert PDF [357 KB]
Right to Read:
Fear of the Other:
Exploring the Ties between Gender, Sexuality, and Self-Censorship in the Classroom
Robert Bittner with Angel Daniel Matos PDF [321 KB]
Layered Literacies:
Follow, Like, Dialogue, and Connect with Young Adult Authors via Social Media
Peggy Semingson PDF [216 KB]
The Irresponsibility of Oversimplification:
A Collaborative Conversation
Kwame Alexander Jason Reynolds PDF [20 KB]