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From the Editors
Story and the Development of Moral Character and Integrity
Wendy Glenn , Ricki Ginsberg and Danielle King PDF [338 KB]

Call for Manuscripts PDF [293 KB]
Our Contemporary Shamans:
ALAN 2015 Workshop Keynote Address
Jandy Nelson PDF [168 KB]
Who Decides What’s Right for Me?
Morality and Cultural Norms
Becky Albertalli, Kekla Magoon, and Aisha Saeed PDF [184 KB]
“Just Take One Step”:
How YA Novels Empower Bystanders to Stop Sexual Assault
Sarah E. Whitney PDF [340 KB]
Taking Down Walls:
Countering Dominant Narratives of the Immigrant Experience through the Teaching of Enrique’s Journey
Ashley Boyd and Jeanne Dyches PDF [311 KB]
Reviewing to Exclude?:
Critical Discourse Analysis of YA LGBTQ Book Reviews for School Librarians
Jenna Spiering PDF [290 KB]
Treasure Island and The Chocolate War:
Fostering Morally Mature Young Adults through Amoral Fiction
Nicole P. Clawson PDF [197 KB]
Revisiting the Vietnam War:
Chris Lynch’s Vietnam Series and the Morality of War
Hilary Crew PDF [266 KB]
Read This Book Out Loud:
A Review of Young Adult Works by Artists from the Poetry Slam Community
Adam Henze PDF [279 KB]
Book in Review: A Teaching Guide:
Of History Lessons and Forbidden Loves and Stories Worth Telling Twice
Toby Emert PDF [287 KB]
Right to Read:
The Undercover Life of Young Adult Novels
Angel Daniel Matos with Angel Daniel Matos PDF [539 KB]
Layered Literacies:
The Multimodal Memoir Project:
Remembering Key YA Texts
William Kist with Peggy Semingson PDF [279 KB]
Meanings of Life and Realities of Loss:
A Collaborative Conversation
Martha Brockenbrough, Jennifer Niven, Adam Silvera, and Francisco X. Stork PDF [198 KB]