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From the Editors
Story and the Development of Moral Character and Integrity
Wendy Glenn, Ricki Ginsberg, and Danielle King PDF [310 KB]
Translated from Page to Page:
Cultures, Norms, and Opportunities
Olga Bukhina, Mara Faye Lethem, Lyn Miller-Lachmann, Avery Fischer Udagawa and, Laura Watkinson PDF [168 KB]
“Let Us Pick Up Our Books”:
Young Adult Literature and the Refugee Experience
Janine J. Darragh PDF [221 KB]
Existential Meditation on Morality:
Janne Teller’s Nothing
Stacy Graber PDF [207 KB]
Adapting Elaine:
Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shalott” and Feminist Young Adult Novels
Aimee Davis PDF [195 KB]
Book in Review: A Teaching Guide:
Of Porcupines and Trusty Sidekicks and Road Trips to Infinity
Toby Emert PDF [238 KB]
Right to Read: Reframing Critique:
Young Adult Fiction and the Politics of Literary Censorship in Ireland
Dani Green with Angel Daniel Matos PDF [335 KB]
Layered Literacies: Booktubing:
Reader Response Meets 21st Century Literacies
Peggy Semingson, Raúl Alberto Mora, and Tatiana Chiquito PDF [238 KB]
A Good Book Is Universal
Heather Lennon PDF [439 KB]
A Witness in Red Stockings
Emil Sher PDF [118 KB]