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From the Editors
Story and the Development of Moral Character and Integrity
Wendy Glenn, Ricki Ginsberg, and Danielle King PDF [317 KB]
Advocacy, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Expression:
A Collaborative Conversation
Sara Farizan, Alex Gino, Bill Konigsberg and, Ami Polonsky PDF [258 KB]
An Invitation to Look Deeper into the World:
Using Young Adult Fiction to Encourage Youth Civic Engagement
Sean P. Connors PDF [333 KB]
Below the Surface Level of Social Justice:
Using Quad Text Sets to Plan Equity-Oriented Instruction
William Lewis and Jill Ewing Flynn PDF [190 KB]
Revolutions and Resistance:
Creating Space for Adolescent Agency and Advocacy through a Critical Reading of Sonia Manzano’s The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano
Jody N. Polleck and Carla España PDF [750 KB]
Racism, Privilege, and Voice in All American Boys:
A Counter-narrative of Resistance and Hope
Jennifer Goulston Zwillenberg and Danielle Gioia PDF [238 KB]
March and the Struggle for Historical Perspective Recognition
Mike P. Cook, Beatrice Bailey, and Lienne Medford PDF [140 KB]
A Vocabulary of Intimacy:
Building and Nurturing Healthy Adolescent Relationship Skills
Bryan Gillis PDF [238 KB]
Right to Read:
Standardized Censorship
Victor Malo-Juvera and Lisa Scherff PDF [262 KB]
Digging for Deeper Connections:
Building Multimodal Text Scaffolds
Shelbie Witte and Katie Rybakova PDF [295 KB]
Fighting for What Is Right:
Characters Who Take Risks and Challenge Assumptions
Brendan Kiely, Kristin Levine, and Isabel Quintero PDF [141 KB]