ALAN v45n2 - Table of Contents

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From the Editors Wendy Glenn, Ricki Ginsberg, and Danielle King-Watkins PDF [319 KB]
Unconventional Families and Making Our Own:
A Collaborative Conversation
David Arnold, Jenny Torres Sanchez, Teresa Toten, Jeff Zentner, and Ibi Zoboi PDF [140 KB]
“Sorry I’m not your little angel anymore”:
Reading Good/Bad Girlhood through Mother-Daughter Relationships in Latina YA Fiction
Rachel L. Rickard Rebellino and Christine N. Stamper PDF [208 KB]
Good Mother/Bad Mother:
The Representation of Mothers in Printz-Award-Winning Literature
Heidi Lyn Hadley PDF [298 KB]
Maligning Mothers and Forgiving Fathers:
Maintaining the Motherhood Mandate in Response to Parents in Two Young Adult Novels
Linda T. Parsons PDF [207 KB]
Chosen Families:
Using and Creating Queer Cultural Capital in a Queer YAL Course
Summer Melody Pennell PDF [272 KB]
No Longer an Orphan:
Narratives of Adoption in Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction
Tara Moore PDF [188 KB]
Looking beyond the Classroom:
Accessing Our Students’ Funds of Knowledge through Young Adult Literature
Bryan Gillis PDF [192 KB]
Writing Across Identity Elements:
An Interview with Cynthia Leitich Smith, William Alexander, and Kekla Magoon
Victor Malo-Juvera and David Macinnis Gill PDF [259 KB]
Finding Our People:
Kinship Connections and Young Adult Literature
Shelbie Witte and Pamela Unruh Brown PDF [262 KB]
Family Influence across the Ages:
A Collaborative Conversation
Kristin Elizabeth Clark, Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock, Rahul Kanakia, and Sara Zarr PDF [166 KB]