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From the Editors
How We Play the Game: YA Literature and Sport
Wendy Glenn, Ricki Ginsberg, and Danielle King PDF
Opening Hearts, Changing Minds:
YA Lit and Defending the Immigrant Voice Speech Delivered at the 2017 ALAN Workshop, St. Louis, Missouri
Meg Medina PDF
Sport and Identity:
A Collaborative Conversation
Diana Harmon Asher, Shannon Gibney, Miranda Kenneally, Kristin Bartley Lenz, Randy Ribay PDF
Writing the Unwritten Rules of High School Sports with Young Adult Literature
Alan Brown, Wendell Dunn, Corrie A. Knapp, Sunday Okeke, Elijah Shalaway PDF
“I thought coaches were supposed to set an example”:
Coaches’ Divergent Roles in Young Adult Literature
Luke Rodesiler and Mark A. Lewis PDF
Young Adult Sports Literature and Identity Construction in the ELA Classroom
David Premont, Johnny Allred, and Lauren Dalton PDF Book in Review: A Teaching Guide: From Rec Leagues to Elite Clubs:
How the Game Changes
Sarah J. Donovan PDF
Right to Read: Censored Young Adult Sports Novels:
Entry Points for Understanding Issues of Identities and Equity
James E. Fredricksen, Jason M. Thornberry, with Kristine Gritter PDF
Layered Literacies: What Sotry, What Identity, Wattpad?:
Teaching Youth to Restory YA Literature
James Joshua Coleman with Leigh A. Hal PDF
Bending and Bridging Borders: YAL as a Tool for Healing and Critical Consciousness:
An International Perspective
Jurana Aziz, Phillip Wilder, with Raúl Alberto Mora PDF [295 KB]
Sport and Society:
A Collaborative Conversation
Carl Deuker, Kelly Loy Gilbert, Claudia Meléndez Salinas PDF