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From the Editors
Engaged Reading with Young Adult Literature
Suzanne Sherman, Caitlin Metheny, Susan Groenke Arianna Banack, and Mary Cate LeBoeuf</em> PDF </p>
Engaged in Young Adult Literature:
A Collaborative Conversation with Penny Kittle and Gay Ivey
Penny Kittle and Gay Ivey PDF
Franchised Fictions:
Youth Navigating Social and Parasocial Readings across Branded Young Adult Literature
Norah Peterman PDF
"The Fact of a Doorframe":
Adolescents Finding Pleasure in Transgender-themed YAL
Ryan Schey and Mollie Blackburn PDF
What Matters for Eight-Grade Female Readers:
Experiences and Consequences of Sustained Reading Engagement
Julie Smit PDF
"She's Saying the Thoughts I Didn't Know Anyone Else Had": YA Verse Novels and the Emergent Artistic Voice of Young Women Emilie N.Curtis PDF
Teacher Talk
Book Love for All:
A Conversation with Stacey Reece and Erin Claxton
Mary Cate LeBoeuf PDF
Master Class in YAL
An Idea Whose Time Has Come: Neal Shusterman's ALAN Master Class
Mark Letcher PDF
From the Library:
The Bookmobile + SSR = A Reading Safe Space in the Classroom
Lessons from the Field
SuzanneSherman PDF
Eavesdropping on the Hearts of Others
ALAN Award Speech from the 2018 ALAN Workshop
Michael Cart PDF