ALAN v21n2 - YA Literature Trivia

Volume 21, Number 2
Winter 1994

Young Adult Literature Trivia - ALAN Award Recipients

(Compiled by Kay Parks Bushman)


Chris Crutcher is the 1993 recipient of the ALAN Award for outstanding contributions to young adult literature. Can you name 10 other ALAN Award winners described below? (Answers on p. 19)

1. This author published several books focusing on the Tillerman family.

2. A resident of North Carolina, this author's most recently published young adult work is Keeping Christina .

3. Known for his work as an editor of young adult short stories, dramas, and autobiographical sketches, this recipient is a professor of English at Central Connecticut State University.

4. Bell-Air Bambi and the Mall Rats is the newest young adult novel of this author, also a former English teacher, who lives in New York City.

5. The current ALAN executive secretary, this professor of English education teaches at the University of Tennessee.

6. Having twice run in the Iditarod trans-Alaskan race, this author was able to use the experience in one of his novels.

7. The famous first line from this journalist-turned-author's first young adult novel is "They murdered him."

8. A former president of ALAN, this professor at Arizona State University was the keynote speaker at the 1993 ALAN Workshop in Pittsburgh.

9. Born in China, this author's first young adult novel was The Sign of the Chrysanthemum .

10. "It was a dark and stormy night" is the first line of her Newberry Award-winning young adult novel.