ALAN - 1998 Nashville Workshop: Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE

Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE

The purposes of this Assembly are to promote communication and cooperation among all individuals who have a special interest in adolescent literature; to present programs and conferences on this subject; to promote and increase the number of articles and publications devoted to it; and to integrate the efforts of all those with an interest in this literature.

ALAN, the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE, held its annual workshop in Nashville immediately following the 1998 NCTE Annual Convention. This workshop, chaired by Lois Stover, ALAN President, attracted over 300 participants and featured numerous speakers, panels, and other presentations on the theme "Knowing Our Students, Reading Their Worlds." Noted middle school teacher and author Linda Rief delivered the keynote address. Authors of young adult novels who gave presentations included Martin Waddell, Karen Cushman, Sharon Creech, Jim Murphy, Suzanne Fisher Staples, Cynthia Grant, Graham Salisbury, Jacqueline Woodson, Vivian Vande Velde, Ann Martin, Paula Danziger, Cherie Bennett, Bruce Coville, Jane Yolen, Tim Wynne-Jones, Michael Cadnum, Angela Johnson, Richard Peck, Virginia Walter, Wendelin Van Draanen, Jennifer Armstrong, Lurlene McDaniel, Louise Plummer, Dean Hughes, Gloria Houston, and Chris Crowe.

At the Saturday ALAN Breakfast, attended by over 500 participants, new officers were installed. The ALAN Award was presented to S.E. Hinton, and young adult author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor gave an enthralling ALAN breakfast address. Several publishers also hosted a wine and cheese party on Sunday night in order to give ALAN members a chance to meet some of the authors.

ALAN continues to publish The ALAN Review, a journal appearing three times a year featuring articles about young adult literature, trends and news in the field, and reviews of books. The current editor is Pamela "Sissi" Carroll and she can be reached at the following address: College of Education, 209 MCH, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, 32306-4490.

The ALAN officers and directors, as of the conclusion of the 1998 Annual Workshop are as follows: Joan F. Kaywell, President; Connie S. Zitlow, President-Elect; Lois T. Stover, Past President; and Terry C. Ley, Rita Karr, Suzanne Reid, Michael Cart, Sarah K. Herz, Bill Mollineaux, Sandra Broadnax Betts, F. Todd Goodson, and Lisa Spiegel, Directors. Ted Hipple is the Executive Secretary of ALAN.

Joan F. Kaywell, Chair