CATALYST V22N2 - Electronic Catalyst Subscription

Volume XXII, Number 2
Spring 1992

Electronic Catalyst Subscription

The Community Services Catalyst is now being published as an electronic journal as well as a print journal. Articles are stored as individual files on the list server. An annotated table of contents for each issue is sent out without charge as an e-mail message to all who enroll themselves as subscribers through list serve. After looking over the table of contents, users can retrieve articles of their choice. Back issues are available beginning with Volume 21:3. Table of content files are called CONTENTS followed by a filetype made up of the volume and number of the issue. For example, CONTENTS V21N4 means the table of contents of Volume 21 Number 4.

To subscribe to the electronic version of the journal, libraries or individuals with access to BITNET should send an e-mail message to Listserv@vtvm1; the message should be SUBSCRIBE CATALYST FirstName LastName. For example, Darrel Clowes would subscribe by sending the message SUBSCRIBE CATALYST DARREL CLOWES to LISTSERV@VTVM1 on Bitnet. For those with access to the Internet, the same message should be sent to LISTSERV@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU. Those who send that command by either Bitnet or Internet will receive instructions on how to receive specific issues and articles/text files.