CATALYST Volume 24 Number 1 - E-Mail, Bitnet, Internet Instructions

Volume XXIV, Number 1
Winter 1994

The Community Services Catalyst is now being published as an electronic journal as well as a print journal. Articles are stored as individual files on the list server. An annotated table of contents for each issue is sent without charge as an e-mail message to all who enroll themselves as subscribers through list serve. After looking over the table of contents, users can retrieve article files of their choice. Back issues are currently available beginning with Volume 21:3. Table of content files are called CONTENTS followed by a filetype made up of the volume and number of the issue. For example CONTENTS V21N4 means the table of contents of volume 21 number 4.

Bitnet Instructions

To access the electronic format using Bitnet, send an e-mail message to Listserv@vtvm1. The message should be SUBSCRIBE CATALYST FirstName LastName. For example, Darrel Clowes would subscribe by sending the message SUBSCRIBE CATALYST DARREL CLOWES to LISTSERVE@VTVM1 on Bitnet. You will then receive instructions on how to receive specific issues and articles.

Internet Instructions

To access the electronic format using Internet, the same message should be sent to LISTSERV@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU. You will then receive instructions on how to receive specific issues and articles.

The articles are also available on the Internet via FTP, Gopher, Wide Area Information Server (WAIS), and World Wide Web (WWW). FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and it allows users on one computer to retrieve files from another. Gopher provides a similar service but functions similar to automated touch-tone phone systems, where the user is presented with a menu of choices, WAIS allows the user to search for one or more words in the collection of journal articles, and WWW provides hypertext access to information. Below are instructions for accessing the articles using FTP. The other methods of access require that you have installed a local client program, which can vary from system to system, so only the information the client needs to connect to the server containing the Catalyst archives are provided for Gopher, WAIS, and WWW.

To access the Community Services Catalyst using FTP, type ftp Login as userid anonymous with your local userid as a password then type cd pub/CATALYST. At this point you can type dir to see a list of directories. Articles are available in plain text (also referred to as ASCII), identical to what you can retrieve from the listserv, or Postscript, which may be sent to a Postscript printer for formatted copy. Select the format you want and type cd ascii for text, or cd postscript for Postscript. Type dir again to see a list of issues available, select an issue and enter cd v##n# (e.g., cd v21n4). Articles are named with the filename as the author's last name, followed by the appropriate v##n# as the filetype. Enter get filename.filetype to retrieve a file (e.g., get contents.v21n4). Below is an example FTP session, where the user retrieves the Contents page for Volume 24, Number 1. Items not in bold are displayed by the computer.

Connected to
Name (borg:jsmith): anonymous
ftp> cd pub/CATALYST
ftp> dir
ftp> cd ascii
ftp> dir (list of directories displayed)
ftp> cd v24n1
ftp> dir (list of files displayed)
ftp> get contents.v24n1
ftp> quit
WAIS:Retrieve Catalyst.src from the directory-of-servers.src

by Thomas Rossmeissl