CATALYST - Community Services Catalyst


  • Editor: Darrel A. Clowes
  • Editorial Staff:
    • Samuel D. Morgan, Associate Editor
    • Marjorie Keatley, Managing Editor
    • Gary Seevers, Jr., Editorial Assistant
  • Editorial Board:
    • Hans Andrews, Dean of Instruction, Illinois Valley Community College
    • Charles A. Atwell, Executive Vice President, Pensacola Junior College
    • John J. Cavan, President, Southside Virginia Community College
    • Stelle Feuers, President, Los Angeles City College
    • Deborah Floyd, Vice President for Student Development, Collin County Community College
    • Robert A. Gordon, President, Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology
    • Steve Maradian, President, Lamar University-Orange
    • Michael Parsons, Dean of Instruction, Hagerstown Junior College
    • Rae Rohfeld, Associate Professor, Syracuse University
    • Mary Lou Zoglin, Dean of Instruction, Coastline Community College

Published four times a year by the National Council on Community Service and Continuing Education. In addition, the NCCSCE periodically publishes a DIRECTORY for the community and junior colleges.

Editor's Address:        Darrel A. Clowes
                         Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
                         Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

The National Council on Community Services (NCCS) began publication of The Community Services Catalyst in 1971. In 1996 the NCCS changed its name to the National Council for Continuing Education and Training . - source

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