CTER v30n1 - Association for Career and Technical Education Research (ACTER) Membership Form

Volume 30, Number 1

Association for Career and Technical Education Research (ACTER) Membership Form

Join ACTER today! Support for research in vocational, career and technical education has never been more important and affiliation with AVERA is an important facet of that support. Your membership in ACTER brings to you the most up-to-date and highest quality research in the field.

text - Membership Entitles You To ♦  The Beacon-quarterly newsletter of the Association.
♦  Career and Technical Education Research
♦  Who's Who in Vocational Education Research membership directory.
♦  Abstracts of papers presented at national conventions.
♦  Access ACTER web page http://www.agri.wsu.edu/acter/
♦  Attend annual meetings held n conjunction with the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) Conventions.
♦  Serve your profession as an officer, on committees, or with the board or staff of this journal.
♦  Share research at ACTER-sponsored presentations and symposia at the annual ACTE Convention and the American Educational Research Assoc. meeting.
♦  Recognize outstanding contributions in vocational, career, and technical education.

AVERA Membership Application Form

Send form/check to: Dr. Elaine Adams, &
Membership Secretary, University of
Georgia, 210 River's Crossing,
Athens, GA 30602
• Make checks payable to ACTER.
• Dues outside USA should be paid in US dollars.
• Membership is good for 12 months.

Membership Category

____ Regular ($40.00) ____ New
____ Emeritus ($10.00) ____ Renewal
____ Student ($10.00)


Institution or Organization:

Mailing Address:

Phone #:                     Fax #:

E-mail Address:

Please indicate whether you would like to have your e-mail address on the AVERA
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ACTE Divisions (Check one or more):

____ Administration ____ Health ____Technical
____ Agriculture ____ International ____ Technology Education
____ Business ____ Marketing ____ Trade & Industrial
____ Family & Consumer ____ New & Related ____ Other
____ Sciences ____ Special Needs
____ Guidance

Please list two areas of research expertise/interest for the membership directory.