CTER v32n1 - Association for Career and Technical Education Research (ACTER) Membership Form

Volume 32, Number 1

Association for Career & Technical Education Research

Membership period is from January 1 – December 31, 2007

Fill out form, attach check, and return to:
James Knight
ACTER National Treasurer
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department of Agricultural Education
PO Box 210036
Tucson, AZ 85721-0036
• Make checks payable to ACTER
• Dues outside USA should be paid in US dollars.
• Please NO purchase orders or credit cards

Membership Category

____ Regular ($40.00) ____ New
____ Emeritus ($10.00) ____ Renewal
____ Student ($10.00)


Title or Position:

Institution or Organization:

Preferred Mailing Address:

Phone Number (include area code):                         Fax #:

E-mail Address:

Web Page URL:

ACTER maintains an organizational web site that includes a roster of members. If you wish any information NOT to be listed please indicate below:

Do NOT list my name ____ Do NOT list my institution/affiliation ____
Do NOT list my e-mail address ____ Do NOT list my web site URL ____

ACTE Divisions (Check one or more):

____ Administration ____ Guidance ____ Technical Education
____ Adult Workforce Development ____ Health Occupation ____ Technology Education
____ Agricultural Education ____ Marketing ____ Trade & Industrial Education
____ Business Education ____ New and Related ____ Other_____________
____ Family and Consumer Sciences ____ Special Needs

Please list two areas of research expertise/interest for the membership directory.