CTER v32n2 - Editor Information

Volume 32, Number 2

Career and Technical Education Research

Editor James P. Greenan, Purdue University
Assistant to Editor Lisa A. Neuenschwander, Purdue University
Associate Editor James M. Brown, University of Minnesota
Managing Editor Curtis R. Friedel, Louisiana State University
Publisher Association for Career and Technical Education Research

Editorial Board
Marcia A. Anderson (2007)
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Lynna Ausburn (2009)
Oklahoma State University
Paul Brauchle (2008)
Illinois State University
Jamie Cano (2008)
The Ohio State University
Marisa Castellano (2008), Chair
University of Louisville
Levon Esters (2007)
Iowa State University

Wanda Fox (2008)
Purdue University
Joe Kotrlik (2009)
Louisiana State University
Cecilia Maldonado-Daniels (2009)
University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Rama Radhakrishna (2009)
The Pennsylvania State University
Mike Swan (2007)
Washington State University
Chris Zirkle (2007)
The Ohio State University

Past Editors
Steven R. Aragon 2005-2006 Jerelyn B. Schultz 1986-1987
Joe W. Kotrlik 2003-2004 Robert C. Harris 1984-1985
Jay W. Rojewski 2002 J. Dale Oliver 1982-1983
James R. Stone, III 2000-2001 L. Allen Phelps 1981
Jay W. Rojewski 1998-1999 Ruth P. Hughes 1980
Theodore Lewis 1995-1997 J. David McCracken 1979
R. Brian Cobb 1993-1994 Hollie Thomas 1978
Wendy L. Way 1991-1992 Curtis R. Finch 1977
Leonard Albright 1988-1990 George H. Copa 1976

EDITORIAL POLICY: Career and Technical Education Research ( CTER ) publishes refereed articles that examine research and research-related topics in vocational/career and technical education, career development, human resource development, career issues in the schools (Grades K-12), postsecondary education, adult and lifelong learning, and workforce education. The CTER Editorial Board is committed to publishing scholarly work that represents a variety of conceptual and methodological bases. Submission of manuscripts representing one of the following styles is encouraged: (a) empirically-based manuscripts that report results of original research, either quantitative or qualitative, (b) reviews or synthesis of empirical or theoretical literature, (c) essays derived from original historical or philosophical research, (d) reviews of recently published books, and (e) rejoinders to articles recently published in CTER . CTER will consider for publication papers initially presented at conferences, including those disseminated through conference proceedings. Page costs are not typically assessed. However, if a manuscript is accepted, authors will be asked to either supply camera-ready tables and figures, or pay for the costs incurred in preparing complex tables and figures for publication.

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