Volume 1, Number 2
July 1993


A catalogue of the players
supplied by Arthur Pomeroy,
Department of Classics,
Victoria University of Wellington,
P.O. Box 600,
New Zealand.
e-mail: arthur.pomeroy@vuw.ac.nz

University of Auckland:

Barnes, W.R. Greek and Latin epic poetry.
Blyth, D.J. Ancient Philosophy; Greek and Roman Drama.
Cowlin, R.G. Ancient Mesopotamia, 3500 to 1600 BC and Neo- Assyrian Period; Egypt, Dynasties 17-18.
Gray, V.J. Greek historical writing.
McKechnie, P.R. Greek and Roman history; papyrology; early Christianity.
Richardson, W.F. Greek and Roman medicine and science.
Spalinger, A.J. Pharaonic Egypt (History, language economics, chronology)
Stevenson, T.R.F. Roman Republican history; Hellenistic ruler cult.
Wilson, M.J. Roman literature; Seneca; The Principate of Nero.

University of Canterbury:

Adshead, K. Thucydides.
Bond, R.P. Roman Satire; Directing ancient drama.
Holcroft, A.P. Late Medieval and Early Renaissance Commentaries.
Manning, C.E. Stoicism, the social history of the Roman Empire.
Neuburg, M.A. Greek drama, Greek intellectual history.
Zanker, G. Early epic value-systems; Hellenistic poetry and literary criticism.

Massey University:

Austin, N.J.E. Roman military intelligence and External, Policy, the family of Constantine, and the History of the Later Roman Empire.
Lawrence, S.E. Greek tragedy, especially Euripides.

University of Otago:

Barker, Andrew D. Greek philosophy, esp. Plato, Pindar, Greek music.
Barsby, John A. Menander, Plautus, Terence, Augustan literature; language teaching.
Ehrhardt, Christopher T.H.R. Greek and Roman coins; late Classical and early Hellenistic Greek history, Macedonia, late Republican and early Imperial Roman history, Constantine.
Garthwaite, J. Martial; Statius; Flavian history, Roman Satire, Greek Mythology.
Hankey, Robin N.A. Greek literature, especially Homer and Tragedy.
Hannah, Patricia Greek art, esp. vase painting, iconography of Greek armour, Greek male nudity.
Hannah, Robert Greek and Roman art, esp. painting, astral and seasonal symbolism, iconography of armour, neo-classicism.

Victoria University of Wellington:

Davidson, John F. Sophocles; staging of Greek Drama.
Dearden, Christopher W. Greek comedy and drama of Magna Graecia.
Deuling, Judy Roman literature; Etruscan studies; ancient art; paleography.
Farrington, Andrew Imperial Greek East; Greek Sporting Life under the Roman Empire; Roman architecture.
Giesecke-Dunham, Annette Lucretius; Graeco-Roman fresco and mosaic.
Parkin, Tim G. Roman social and economic history.
Pomeroy, Arthur J. Greek and Roman historiography; Roman social history.
Watson, K. Janet Homer.



PhD degree:

Sullivan, Peter 'The Reign of Ramesses IV and its Aftermath'

Research Theses for MA degree:

Hartnell, Sandra: 'Images of Women in Livy's Ab Urbe Condita'
Paterson, Daphne: 'Values in Herodotus'
Bain, Robert 'Population Movement & Settlement Systems in relation to Society in Early Southern Mesopotamia'

Essays for MA degree:

Anslow, Christine to be announced
Kragten, Deborah 'The Nubians and Egypt during the First Half of Dynasty 18'
Heatherbell, Sharon 'Egypt and Nubia - An analysis of the Interconnections'

Research Theses and Essays completed since 1 July 1990

Research Theses for MA degree:

Parkinson, Michael 'The Ramesside Pharaohs who Responded to the Libyan Tribes'
Nevin, Christina 'An Investiation in the hmt wrt' ('Great Wife of the King')
Young, Jillian 'Oracle Procedure in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Egyptian Dynasties'

Essays for MA degree:

Aitchison-Windeler, Susan 'Portraits of Some Mesopotamian Women'
Kearney, Michelle 'The Gods in Silius Italicus' Punica'
Lennane, David 'Some Minor Characters in Petronius' *Cena Trimalchionis*'
Schubert, Alexander 'Augustus Since Syme'

Submitted: Professor V. Gray


PhD degree:

Heath, Rosemary A. 'An Investigation into the Links between Greek Stoicism and Indian Thought'
Tatham, Gail C. 'The Image of Moses in early Christian art'

MA degree:

Hall, Helen A.T. 'Linguistic characterisation in the Eunuch of Terence'
Meecham, Cherie A. 'Roman terra sigillata in the Otago Museum'
Perry, S. Jane 'The demonic goddess in Greek and related mythologies'
Scott, Christopher J. 'Juvenal VI: a study in satirical purpose'
Standfield, Ruth G. 'Problems of Staging in Terence and their Value as Evidence for Adaptation of the Greek Original'

Dissertations for BA Hons and PGDip:

Huband, Barbara E. 'Artemis and Hecate in myth and literature'
Jenkins, Stephen M. 'Humour in Ovid's Amores'
McNaughton, Nicola E.A. 'Campanian vase in the Otago Museum'
O'Kane, R. Grant 'Awkwardnesses of staging in Menander and in the Menander-based plays of Plautus'
Robertson, Fiona M. 'Rape and adultery: sexual violence in the Roman world 100 BC-AD 100'
Ward, Graeme H. 'Biography of Agathocles of Syracuse'

Research Theses completed since 1 July 1990:

MA degree:

Durham, Mary 'Six Macedonian queens: a study in the lives of six Macedonian queens in the period c.346-270 BC'
Fitzsimons, Ellen P. 'Ancient Greek cuisine: a study of two aspects of the Ancient Greek culinary tradition'
Prior, William J. 'Robert Arthurt Lawson, Architect, 1833-1902'

Dissertations for BA Hons and PGDip:

Davidson, Jill D. 'Apulia in Dunedin: an outline of the iconography of a South Italian knobbed dish in the Otago Museum

Submitted: Professor J.A. Barsby


PhD degree:

Bird, Susan 'The use of historical exempla by the Romans with special reference to Alexander'

MA degree:

Bagnall, David 'In the image of my ancestors: ancestors and ancestor-worship in the Roman world'
Houston, Rebecca 'Moon Goddesses in ancient Greece'

Extended essays for BA Hons:

Burns, James 'Women in Aristophanes'
Burton, Diana 'Eidolon: ghosts and their relation to Greek attitudes to death'
Creedy, Karin 'Pandora and Eve'
Furby, Heather 'Roman satire and the influence of philosophy'

Research Theses completed since 1 July 1990:

MA Degree:

McKelvie, Julia L. 'The Sophoklean Ajax and his antecedents'
Penney, Jane S. Bathing in Homer'

Extended essays for BA Hons:

Bagnall, David G. 'The Image of my Ancestors. The role and significance of ancestors in Roman Society'
Body, Larisa 'The Acropolis sanctuary under the Periklean Building Programme'
Cummings, Stephen 'An organizational analysis of the socio- political reforms of Kleisthenes (508/7 BC)'
Evans, Philip 'The Politics of the Provision of Circus Games' Gadgil, Martin 'Gaius Valerius Catullus: the timeless themes of the Lesbia poems'
Houston, Rebecca 'Gaia, an exploration of the Earth Goddess'
King, David 'Aristophanes, Menander and Middle Comedy'
Macalister, Donald S. 'A Survey of the Administrative Buildings of the Athenian Agora (ca 500 BC-140 BC)'
Macalister, Graeme 'The Peisistratean Building Programme'
McKelvie, Julia L. 'The Mythology of the Francois Vase'
Moffitt, Erica 'Identifying pre-historic pottery sherds from the Classics Museum, Victoria University of Wellington
Penney, Jane S. 'The Orestes Theme in Fifth Century Tragedy'
Stephen, Pauline V. 'Hephaistos: Fire Creator: Creative Genius: Technocrat.

Submitted: Dr A.J. Pomeroy


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