ElAnt v1n6 - Gender and Material Culture

Volume 1, Number 6
November 1993

from prehistory to the present


This conference will be held at the University of Exeter, from 4th- 6th. July 1994. It will focus on the approaches which can be used to study gender and material culture from the full range of periods since prehistoric times, and will bring together archaeologists, historians and, we hope, museum curators, in a unique opportunity to compare approaches and ideas. To indicate the scope of the conference here are some examples of the subjects of papers offered: prehistoric rock art, classical textiles, town planning, grave effigies, and tupperware! We have speakers coming from North America and Europe. All the papers will highlight methodological problems, but case studies can be used to illustrate the issues. The following list shows the range of themes considered.

Material culture production
Accumulation and Consumption
Exchange and Trade
Transmission of possessions
Transmission and control of skills knowledge Image and Gender 
Food and diet
Clothing and fashion
Display and ornament
Gender and spatial constructs
Gender and technology

We think this will be an exciting conference and would like to hear from any one who would like either to offer a paper (send an abstract of 250 words immediately) or to attend the conference.

Dr. Linda Hurcombe (0392) 264345
Dr Moira Donald (0392) 264318
Dept. of History & Archaeology,
University of Exeter,
Exeter EX4 4QH,
Fax: 0392 264377
E-mail: L.M.Hurcombe@uk.ac.exeter.queens

Electronic Antiquity Vol. 1 Issue 6 - November 1993
edited by Peter Toohey and Ian Worthington
ISSN 1320-3606

by Kaavya Giridhar