ElAnt v1n7 - Voice Into Text: Orality and Literacy in Ancient Greece

Volume 1, Number 7
February 1994


University of Tasmania 3-8 July, 1994

Papers focus on individual writers such as Apollonius, Homer, Herodotus and Plato, on areas such as art, comedy, governance, historiography, law, oratory, ostraka, religion, rhetoric, ring composition and tragedy, and on other cultures (e.g. Aboriginal, Modern Greek, South African).

The venue for the papers will be the University Centre, the University of Tasmania.

Registration (on the afternoon of 3rd July) is AUS $75 (a student/concession rate is offered of AUS $35) in Christ College (on campus), in which conference accommodation has been arranged (hotel accommodation is also possible). On the evening of 3rd July the conference will be officially opened and a public lecture will then be given by Professor William V. Harris.

The conference programme includes a half-day cruise with afternoon tea on the River Derwent on the second day of the conference and a full-day scenic/historical excursion on the last day. The conference dinner will be held on the evening of Thursday 7th July.

Registration closes 1 June 1994.

For those wishing to register for the conference contact:

Dr. Ian Worthington, 
Department of Classics, 
The University of Tasmania, 
G.P.O. Box 252C, 
Tasmania 7001,
Tel. (002) 202-294; Fax: (002) 202-288; 
e-mail: ian.worthington@classics.utas.edu.au

Speakers and papers include:

Nancy Andrews (Ohio State): Apollonius Rhodius and Fictional Orality
Richard Bauman (Sydney): The Interface of Greek and Roman Law: Contract, Delict and Crime
Elizabeth Baynham (Newcastle): The Alexander-romance
Brian Bosworth (W.A.): The Contribution of Oral Information to Alexander's Campaigns in India
Sheila Colwell (Washington): Oral/Literate Boundaries in Greek and Hebrew Poetry
Jack Ellis (Monash): (1) Ring Composition and the Shape of Thucydides; (2) Oral Cultures, Ancient and Recent
Greg Gardiner (Monash): Distant Voices - Still Texts: Performing Greek Tragedy
Stathis Gauntlett (Melbourne): Formulae, Patterns and the Discographic Matrices In Modern Greek Oral Tradition
Annette Giesecke (Wellington): Hector, Andromache and the Theory of Written Composition (Iliad 6.399 ff. and 22.437 ff.)
Sallie Goetsch (Michigan): The Effect of Oral Performance on the (Ring) Composition of Tragedy
William V. Harris (Columbia): Literacy
David Harvey (Exeter): Herodotus and Letters
Doug Kelly (A.N.U.): Oral Xenophon
Anne MacKay (Durban): The Significance of Time in the
Traditions of Early Greek Poetry and Vase-Painting Chris Mackie (Melbourne): Homer's Archaic Mind
Christopher Marshall (U.B.C.): Literary Awareness in Euripides and His Audience
Bob Milns (Queensland): The Authenticity of Demosthenes, Speeches 7, 10, 13 and 17
Elizabeth Minchin (A.N.U.): The Performance of Lists and Catalogues in the Homeric Epics
Neil Morpeth (Newcastle): Thucydides and the 'Immediacy' of the Amprakiot's Herald
Stephen Nimis (Miami, Ohio): Oral/Written or Verse/Prose?
Ray Nyland (U.N.E.): Legetai in Herodotus
Neil O'Sullivan (W.A.): Written and Spoken in the First Sophistic
David Phillips (Macquarie): Prepared Ostraka, Scribes and Athenian Literacy
Barry Powell (Wisconsin): Rhapsodic Delivery of Memorised Oral Texts and the Earliest Representations of Myth in Greek Art
Louise Pratt (Emory): The Seal of Theognis: Writing and Oral Poetry
William Sale (St. Louis): The Mathematical Demonstration of Oral Composition in Homer
Ruth Scodel (Michigan): Occasionality and Repeated Performance in Archaic Greek Poetry
Edgard Sienaert (Durban): To Be Decided
Niall Slater (Emory): Literacy and Old Comedy
Bob Solomon (Edmonton): Hesiod's Theogony: Prologue as Precis and Proem
Godfrey Tanner (Newcastle): Linguistic Evidence for Memories of Pre-Vocal Communication Systems in the Vocabulary of Greek, Latin and Sanskrit
Harold Tarrant (Newcastle): "Before and After Washes": Narrative Technique in the Narrated Dialogues of Plato, and the Oral Transmission Motif
Carol Thomas (Washington): Wingy Mysteries in Divinity
Peter Toohey (U.N.E.): Reading, Writing and Hellenistic Didactic Epic
Janet Watson (Wellington), Homer - Patterns of Composition
Richard Whitaker (Cape Town): Orality and Literacy in the Poetic Traditions of Archaic Greece and Southern Africa
Lyn Wilson (Monash): The Voice and Circles of a Woman: Sappho of Lesbos
Ian Worthington (Tasmania): Ring Composition, Law and the Orators

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Electronic Antiquity Vol. 1 Issue 7 - February 1994
edited by Peter Toohey and Ian Worthington
ISSN 1320-3606