ElAnt v2n2 - Ashmolean Museum: announcement

Volume 2, Number 2
August 1994

Department of Antiquities
Ashmolean Museum
University of Oxford

Special Notice

From the autumn of 1994 through 1995, and well into 1996, there will be major building operations in the Museum. One immediate consequence will be that substantial parts of the Egyptian, Greek and Roman galleries, as well as reserve collections, will be inacessible even to the staff. Great improvements are anticipated as a result of the structural alterations; in the meantime, however, there will inevitably be a good deal of disruption. We hope that scholars everywhere will understand.

Michael Vickers

Electronic Antiquity Vol. 2 Issue 2 - August 1994
edited by Peter Toohey and Ian Worthington
ISSN 1320-3606