ElAnt v2n2 - REVIEWS - Concordance des textes de Nag Hammadi

Volume 2, Number 2
August 1994

Concordance des textes de Nag Hammadi - Le codex VI

Pierre Cherix 
Les Presses de l'Universite Laval. 
Editions Peeters, Louvain/Paris, 1993. 

Reviewed by:

Alan Treloar,
Dept Classics & Ancient History,
University of New England,
NSW 2351,
e-mail: c/o ptoohey@metz.une.edu.au

This volume is no. 2 in the Section "Concordances" of the Bibliotheque copte de Nag Hammadi .

The book has been well produced with a binding that will stand frequent reference.

After Acknowledgements, Abbreviations and a brief Introduction, the Concordance occupies pp. 3-442 ( Segments coptes, Segments greco-coptes, Noms propres, Chiffres ct mots magiques ).

This is followed by the text analysed (pp. 447-474) and an Index des Segments (pp. 475-495).

The Index also gives the meanings of the Coptic words.

The volume offers all that a scholar might wish to find in a concordance and is a credit to the compiler and publisher.

A. Treloar
c/o ptoohey@metz.une.edu.au

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Electronic Antiquity Vol. 2 Issue 2 - August 1994
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