ElAnt v3n1 - Didaskalia Supplement 1

Volume 3, Number 1
June 1995

This is to inform you of the release of Didaskalia Supplement 1: 'How is it Played? Genre, Performance, Meaning', edited by Elise Garrison.' Issue 2.2 (April) will appear before the end of May if it kills me.

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University of Warwick, England


ISSN 1321-4853

Sallie Goetsch (Founding Editor)
Peter Toohey (Associate Editor)
Stefan Didak (Technical Consultant)

Editorial Board (as of this issue):

Oliver Taplin (Oxford)
Caterina Barone (Padova)
Marianne McDonald (UC San Diego)
C.W. Marshall (Concordia-Montreal)
John Davidson (Victoria University Wellington)
Margaret Mezzabotta (Cape Town)
Richard Beacham (Warwick)
Gary Decker (Michigan)
Pat Easterling (Cambridge)

DIDASKALIA Supplement 1-May 1995

How is it Played? Genre, Performance and Meaning


02-PUBLISHER'S NOTE by Sallie Goetsch

03-INTRODUCTION by Elise Garrison, Texas A&M

04-'The Performance, the Genre, and the Director' by Wulf Koepke, Texas A&M

05-'Recreating the Playwright's Images: Directing Athol Fugard's 'MASTER HAROLD'....and the boys' by Roger Schultz, Texas A&M

06-'Stage Performance in the Age of Virtual Reality: Part One (1)' by Judith de Luce, Miami University

07-'Stage Performance in the age of Virtual Reality: Part II' by Lee Horvitz, Miami University

08-'The Actor as Literary Critic' by Jay Malarcher, Louisiana State University

09-'The Male Actor of Greek Tragedy: Evidence of Misogyny or Gender-Bending' by Nancy Rabinowitz, Hamilton College

10-'Did Women Sing in the Thesmophoriazusae?' by Philip Ambrose, University of Vermont

11-'Flesh or Fish or What?--Euripides' Orestes' by Victor Castellani, University of Denver

12-'Tragicomedy as a Running Joke: Plautus' Amphitruo in Performance' by Timothy Moore, University of Texas

13-'Dramatic Genre and the Don Juan Theme' by Perry Gethner, Oklahoma State University

14-'Will the Real Medee Please Step Forward?' by Joy Sylvester, Texas A&M University

Didaskalia Supplement 1-May 1995 ISSN 1321-4853

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Electronic Antiquity Vol. 3 Issue 1 - June 1995
edited by Peter Toohey and Ian Worthington
ISSN 1320-3606

by Kaavya Giridhar