ElAnt v3n3 - Positions in Classics, Egyptology, Assyriology, Northeast Normal University, China

Volume 3, Number 3
December 1995

Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations
Northeast Normal University
P.R. China

There are *four* vacancies for experts in Classics (2), Egyptology (1), and Assyriology (1) (postdoctoral level) at this Institute.

Conditions of appointment: From 1 September 1996, for one year initially. Contract may be renewable annually.

Teaching duties: c. 16 hours per week (for BA, MA, PhD students). Subjects to include:
Classics: Ancient Greek, Latin; general Greek and Roman history
Assyriology: Sumerian and Akkadian language and other
Assyriological subjects Egyptology: Hieroglyphic Egyptian languages, history and archaeology, and other subjects
(all teaching will be conducted in English)

Salary: Yuan 2400 per month (70% of this amount per month may be converted to US dollars and 50% for one with family if wished).

c. 1 September - 10 January
c. 1 March - 10 July

c.10 January - 28 February
May 1 - 2
c. 10 July - 28 August
October 1 - 2
Christmas, December 25 - 26
New Year, January 1 - 2

Accommodation: (free) comprises living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Washing machine and central heating are included.

Food: Average cost of food for a family of three per month = Yuan 1000. Eating out (three meals per day for one person) costs c. Yuan 850 (=$100) per month.

Travel: Return fare from native city to Changchun free for contractor once. Various travel awards c. Yuan 2000.

Health Care: free

Climate: Normally sunny, dry, clear.
Winter, c. -25 - -10C
Summer, c. 16 - 28C

If you are interested and would like further information, please consult Prof. Dr. J. Hao with your CV:
Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations,
Northeast Normal University,
130024 Chanchun,
Jilin Province,
P.R. China.
Fax: (0431) 568-4027

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Electronic Antiquity Vol. 3 Issue 3 - December 1995
edited by Peter Toohey and Ian Worthington
ISSN 1320-3606