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Volume 3, Number 5
October 1996

I have been authorized by the Editorial Board of the _De Imperatoribus Romanis_ to announce that a new web site has been established, entitled _De Imperatoribus Romanis_. This site is an online encyclopedia of the lives of Roman emperors and each article is peer reviewed.

De Imperatoribus Romanis was started to supply detailed information of a high scholarly quality on the emperors of Rome that was unavailable elsewhere on the Internet. The DIR is intended to be an international scholarly endeavor which will serve as an online resource for scholars and students of all ages. Although each article must be approved by the Editorial Board before inclusion in the DIR, authors of the various essays in the DIR maintains theiressays at their own location. Emperors can be accessed chronologically or alphabetically. Additionally, one can use imperial stemmata.

It should be stressed that AT THE PRESENT TIME only the biography of twenty emperors have been completed and THAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR SCHOLARS TO WRITE THE APPROPRIATE ESSAYS! Although the site is complete in of itself, it is only a skeleton. We need your help to make this reference work a reality. The address of the site is

http://www.salve.edu/~dimaiom/deimprom.html [note -- this link is no longer valid]

Help us expand the site now that the job is under way! Below is a list of the members of the DIR Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board of the DIR

Michael DiMaio, Salve Regina University
Thomas Banchich, Canisius College
Richard Weigel, Western Kentucky University
Robert J. Rowland, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Loyola University (New Orleans)
Eugene Lane, University of Missouri
Fred Mench, Richard Stockton College, New Jersey
P. Foss, University of Cincinnati
Ralph Mathisen, University of South Carolina
Joseph Leichter, Graduate Student, Brown University

DIR Staff

Michael DiMaio, Salve Regina University , Managing Editor Linda Wright, University of Washington, Correspondence Secretary Doug Roth, Copy and HTML Editor

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Electronic Antiquity Vol. 3 Issue 5 - October 1996
edited by Peter Toohey and Ian Worthington
ISSN 1320-3606

by Kaavya Giridhar