ElAnt v3n7 - SYNOPSIS : A New Journal

Volume 3, Number 7
May 1997

SYNOPSIS : A New Journal

SYNOPSIS: An Annual Index of Greek Studies
( http://www.me.wustl.edu/add/synopsis.htm )

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Andrew Dimarogonas, Washington Univ.
( http://www.me.wustl.edu/add/ )

PUBLISHER: Harwood Academic Publishers (A division of Gordon & Breach)


SYNOPSIS is an index to the scholarly publications on Greek Studies for the benefit of those who work in the field. Research and review journals, conference proceedings, books, monographs and dissertations (9,000 entries for 1992, 14,000 for 1993) are indexed in the areas of Classical, Hellenistic, Biblical Greek, Byzantine, Medieval and Modern Greek Studies without defining precisely their lines of separation. Author, Subject, Text, Geographical and Name indexes are included. The Journal will also publish occasionally reviews and bibliographical studies, calls for papers and announcements of scholarly conferences.

The languages of the Journal are English and Greek. Titles in other languages will be cited in the original language or translated in English. The editorial language is English. SYNOPSIS is published concurrently in printed and searchable electronic form for PC and MAC compatible computers.

The articles indexed or published are selected only on their scholarly value and without prejudice in respect to the opinions of the authors. Reader-submitted titles for indexing are only accepted if they appear in the journals or publishers lists that are indexed by the Journal. Suggestions for the selection of the journals to be indexed should be submitted to the editorial board through the editor, the associate editors or the editorial advisory board.


Classics: W. Geoffrey Arnott, University of Leeds
Byzantine - Medieval Greek Studies:
Alexes Savvides, National Research Foundation, Athens
Hellenistic Studies:
Suzanne Rotroff, Washington University
Modern Greek Studies: Margaret Alexiou, the G. Seferis Professor, Harvard University
Greek Education: G. Psacharopoulos, World Bank, Washington, D.C.
Greek History: Van Coufoudakis, Chancellor, Indiana/Purdue University
Greek Language:
Brian Joseph, Chairman, Dept. of Linguistics, Ohio State University
Greek Philosophy:
John M. Dillon, the Regius Professor, Univ. of Dublin-Trinity College
Greek Poetry:
F. Stephen Halliwell, University of Birmingham
Greek Theater:
A.F. Garvie, Chairman, Dept. of Classics, University of Glasgow


Asia: Elizabeth M. Craik, University of Kyoto, Japan
East Europe: Fani Angelieva, Kliment Okhridski University, Sofia
Central Europe: Walter Puchner, University of Athens
Hispanic World: Francisco R. Adrados, National Center for Philology, Madrid
Northern Europe: Paul Astrom, University of Geoteburg, Sweden
Greece, Classics: Andreas Panagopoulos, University of Athens
Greece, Modern Greek Studies: Vassilis Lambropoulos, Ohio State University
Greece, Modern Greek Literature: Socrates Skartsis, University of Patras Greece,
Archaeology: Petros Themelis, University of Crete


Helene Arhweiler, President, European University/ Sorbone, Paris
Peter Bien, the F.S. Beebe Professor, Dartmouth College, Editor, Journal of Modern Greek Studies
Ward W. Briggs, VP and Provost, University of South Carolina
Simon Goldhill, University of St. Andrews
Helen King, University of Reading
Emmanouel Kriaras, University of Thessaloniki
Robert Lamberton, Washington University
Michalis Meraklis, University of Athens
John Peradotto, Chairman, Dept. of Clasics, State Univ. of NY- Buffalo. Editor, Arethousa
Robert W. Sharples, University College London. Editor, Phronesis.
Theophanis Stavrou, University of Minnesota. Editor: Modern Greek Studies Yearbook
Sarantis Symeonoglou, Washington University
Mario Vitti, Universita della Tuscia


SYNOPSIS is published by Harwood Academic Publishers. First volume (for 1992) was published in January 1997. The 1993 and 1994 volumes will be published in 1997.

Editorial Office: Campus Box 1185, Washington University, 1
Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130, USA,
Tel: (314)-935-6091, FAX: (314)-935-4014, e-mail:

Business Office: Christopher Davis, International Publishers Distributor, 820 Town Center Drive, Langhorne, Pa 19048, USA. FAX: (215)-750-6343


All announcements, forthcoming events, publishers lists, etc., should be sent to the editorial office (address above). Journals or books to be considered for indexing should be submitted in the form of one hard copy within 3 months after the end of the year of publication. The editorial board reserves the right to approve publications submitted for indexing on the basis of a subjective evaluation of archival importance and accessibility. Printed material submitted for indexing will not be returned to the sender.


SYNOPSIS publishes regularly only indexing lists and thus does not accept papers for publication. Bibliographical reviews will sometime be invited by the Editorial Board. Authors of such papers should submit them in triplicate to the editorial office, preferably in electronic format by file transfer, if possible. The form of the papers should comply with the format of the Classical Quarterly Journal, published by the Oxford/The Clarendon Press. The length of the papers should be, in general, less than 20 typewritten pages size A4 or 8 1/2 x 11 in, double spaced, font size 12 points. An ASCII text file on a floppy diskette formatted for DOS or Apple Mac should be supplied together with the final manuscript. Authors who, for special cases, wish to submit longer papers should communicate with the editorial office before they submit their paper. The associate editor with expertise on the subject will conduct the review process. Competent referees will assist the editorial board in reaching an editorial decision.

Electronic Antiquity Vol. 3 Issue 7 - May 1997 edited by Peter Toohey and Ian Worthington antiquity-editor@classics.utas.edu.au ISSN 1320-3606