ElAnt v4n2 - KEEPING IN TOUCH - Conference: Euripides and Tragic Theatre in the Late 5th Century, University of Calgary

Volume 4, Number 2
April 1998



12-16 May 1999
The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada

Euripides' surviving work is the main key to our understanding of the Athenian tragic theatre in its maturity.

This conference will feature research by leading scholars of the present and future, consider progress since the 1960s, and seek directions for the next generation's work.

Four broad areas of discussion have been defined:

"Audience and community" (coordinator Edith Hall, Oxford),
"Production and staging" (coordinator Eric Csapo, Toronto),
"Religious and mythical elements within the plays" (coordinator Christian Wildberg, Princeton)
"Tragedy and other genres" (coordinator Donald Mastronarde, Berkeley).

Other speakers will include Will Allan (Oxford), Jane Beverly (Oxford), Claude Calame (Lausanne), John Davidson (Wellington), William Furley (Heidelberg), John Gibert (Boulder), Barbara Goff (Austin), Simon Goldhill (Cambridge), Richard Green (Sydney), Michael Halleran (Seattle), Albert Henrichs (Harvard), Brad Levett (Seattle), Christopher Marshall (St John's), Ann Michelini (Cincinnati), Judith Mossman (Dublin), John Porter (Saskatoon), Rush Rehm (Stanford), Martin Revermann (Oxford), Ruth Scodel (Ann Arbor), William Slater (Hamilton), Alexander Stevens (Sydney), Katherine Sweet (Toronto), Oliver Taplin (Oxford), Peter Wilson (Warwick), Froma Zeitlin (Princeton).

Helene Foley (Columbia) will give a keynote address on The Representation of Conflict in Euripides.

A publication based on the conference proceedings is planned.

We invite proposals, preferably by 30 June 1998, for a limited number of additional papers, and for contributions in the form of posters or abstracts to be presented in written form. Those thinking of attending without making a presentation are also asked to notify the conveners as soon as possible.

For additional information consult the conference's World Wide Web site at http://www.ucalgary.ca/glah/conference/euripides.html

Full programme and registration details will be published in October 1998.

This conference is supported by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and from the Faculty of Humanities and Department of Greek, Latin & Ancient History, University of Calgary.

Please address proposals and enquiries to one of the conveners:

Prof. Martin Cropp (University of Calgary, Dep't of Greek, Latin
& Ancient History, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta,
Canada T2N 1N4; phone +1-403-220-7861; fax +1-403-220-9581;
e-mail mcropp@acs.ucalgary.ca)


Prof. Kevin Lee (University of Sydney, School of Classics &
Ancient History, Sydney, New South Wales 2006, Australia;
phone +61-2-9351-6669; fax +61-2-9351-6976; e-mail

Electronic Antiquity Vol. 4 Issue 2 - April 1998 edited by Peter Toohey and Ian Worthington antiquity-editor@classics.Server.edu.au
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by Kaavya Giridhar