Volume 5, Number 3
November 2000


Department of History
University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia MO 65211

Through the generous endowment of Mrs Marguerite Mitchel, widow of Fordyce Mitchel, who was Professor of Greek History at the University of Missouri-Columbia until his death in 1986, the Department of History is proud to announce the biennial Fordyce Mitchel Memorial Lecture Series.

Every two years a scholar of the highest international standing will be a guest of the History department for one to two weeks and deliver a series of original and scholarly lectures on an aspect of Greek history. These will then be revised and published by the University of Missouri Press within, it is hoped, two years. The resulting publication will be a significant addition to scholarship in the field. The lecturer will also deliver a public lecture on a related topic and meet informally with the graduate students in the departments of History, Classical Studies, and Art History & Archaeology, who are engaged in all areas of research on the ancient Greek and Roman world.

The series will begin in October 2000. The first guest lecturer will be Professor Mark Golden, Department of Classics, University of Winnipeg. Professor Golden's work on social history is widely known and is held in the highest regard. He is currently working on a project titled Sport and Social Status in Ancient Greece which will form the core of his Mitchel Memorial lectures.

For further information on the Fordyce Mitchel Memorial Lecture Series, please contact Ian Worthington (WorthingtonI@missouri.edu).

For information on the History department's revised graduate program in ancient history and the university's new graduate scholarship in ancient studies, please contact either Ian Worthington (Greek History) or Laurence Okamura (Roman History; OkamuraL@missouri.edu).

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by Kaavya Giridhar