ICC 2008 - 20th International Colloquium on Communication - Communication and Public Policy - Table of Contents

21st ICC 2008

Communication and Public Policy

Edited by Eric E. Peterson ( peterson@maine.edu )

This volume contains papers presented at the Twenty First International Colloquium on Communication, which took place July 27 – August 1, 2008, at Schoodic Point, Maine.

Complete Issue PDF [3.9 MB]

Front Matter PDF [362 KB]


An Introduction to Communication and Public Policy
Eric E. Peterson PDF [476 KB]

Communication Education and Public Policy

Rhetorical Education for Public Responsibility
Hellmut K. Geissner PDF [820 KB]

Group Discussion and Democracy: The Status of Our Attempts to Teach Productive Participation in Public Policy Decision-Making
Tim Hegstrom PDF [508 KB]

Communication Education and (Local) Politics
Roland W. Wagner PDF [695 KB]

Internet-based Approach to Continuing Medical Education in Developing Regions
Gary Selnow PDF [506 KB]

Public Policy and Communication Analysis

Communication, “Clean” Coal Technology, and U.S. Global Warming Policy
Elizabeth Fine PDF [510 KB]

Challenges of E Pluribus Unum: Ethnic and Racial Diversity and Public Policy
Etsuko Kinefuchi PDF [580 KB]

Putting Policy in its Place through Cultural Discourse Analysis
Donal Carbaugh PDF [569 KB]

The Politics of Communication: An Essay on Theorizing Social Interaction
Werner Nothdurft PDF [555 KB]

Language and Media in Public Policy

Christian Telecasts and their Impact on Communal Life
Edith Slembek PDF [563 KB]

Language Policy and Globalization
Edward H. Sewell, Jr. PDF [911 KB]

The Search for the Afghan Girl as Response to 9/11: Critical Analysis of Implicit Content in a Documentary Production
Shane Perry PDF [551 KB]

Fat America: A Historical Consideration of Diet and Weight Loss in the U.S.
Imke Schessler-Jandreau PDF [547 KB]