22nd ICC 2010

The Evolving Media’s Impact on Rhetoric and Society: Critical and Ethical Issues

Edited by Elizabeth C. Fine ( bfine@vt.edu ) and Gary W. Selnow, ( gary@wiredinternational.org )

This volume contains papers presented at the Twenty Second International Colloquium on Communication, which took place July 25-30, 2010, at the University of Vienna, Austria.

Complete Issue PDF [3 MB]

Front Matter PDF [79 KB]


An Introduction to The Evolving Media’s Impact on Rhetoric and Society
Elizabeth C. Fine and Gary W. Selnow PDF [132 KB]

Repercussions of the Evolving Media

Evolution or Involution? A Question on Political Ethics
Hellmut K. Geissner PDF [151 KB]

The Electronic Invasion in the Playroom
Edith Slembek PDF [153 KB]

European Kids Online: Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Opportunities
Renate Csellich-Ruso PDF [544 KB]

Storytelling and the Evolving Media

Storytelling: Digital and Analog
Eric E. Peterson and Kristin M. Langellier PDF [178 KB]

Temporary Celebrity: Media ‘Fodder’ and Diversion
Sam G. Riley PDF [154 KB]

Pedagogy and the Evolving Media

Face-to-Face and AVT-Forms of Communication: Pedagogical Interventions – Conditions and Possibilities
Eberhard Wolf PDF [389 KB]

Forms and Functions of Listener Behaviors in Audio-Based ‘Feedback Communication’
Annette Mönnich PDF [278 KB]

Religion and the Evolving Media

Internet—the Agora of the 21st Century: Communication of Young People on the Internet
Martin Peier-Plüss PDF [171 KB]

Communication Possibilities in Religious Pedagogy: The Austrian Protestant Diaspora in Times of Media Networking
Moritz Stroh PDF [150 KB]

The Psalm: Ethical and Critical Notes on Its Media History
Henner Barthel PDF [199 KB]

Politics and the Evolving Media

How to Sell Wars
Wulff Bickenbach PDF [199 KB]

Rhetorical Strategies of Environmental Cyberactivists
Elizabeth C. Fine PDF [1.5 MB]