QBARS - v10n4 Cover


Rudolph Henny

The color illustration on the cover of the October Bulletin is R. 'Unique'. It may be well to add here that it is the variety known as 'Slocock's Unique', and is not to be confused with R. 'Unique' by Wallace. I am not aware that the Wallace form of 'Unique' even exists in nurseries in this country, and that maybe just as well, for with both plants under the same name, and even a somewhat nearness in colors many misunderstandings would follow. There exists another example, this one worse than the preceding since both plants are offered to the public in the form of 'King George' the 'Loderi' and R. 'King George', a red flowered plant. Nurserymen and growers are often questioned about 'King George' with the large red 'Loderi' size flowers. Of course, this is clearly a mistake brought about by the two identical names.  . 'Unique' (Slocock) is truly a first class plant with flowers a pale yellow, but so pale they are often referred to as being white. The good trusses on this plant are set against fine shiny green foliage, and with the excellent growth habit that is always dense and bushy the plant always assumes a distinct appearance in the garden. Ten years ago many catalogues offered 'Unique' as a dwarf, a few years later as a semi dwarf, but now after fifteen years 'Unique' has assumed a height of about eight feet, and almost the same across.