QBARS - v10n4 An Error About R. 'Mrs. A. F. McEwan'

An Error About R. 'Mrs. A. F. McEwan'
B. O. Mulligan
Director, University of Washington Arboretum

I was very happy to see the descriptions of new rhododendrons published in the new issue of the Quarterly Bulletin of the American Rhododendron Society this month, together with several photographs, including our plant of 'Mrs. A. F. McEwan'. However, there is a small but rather important omission in the description on page 137 where it states that this plant was a seedling of R. 'Loderi' received from Mr. Ihrig. I believe and hope that my original description sent to you stated that it was a seedling of R. 'Loderi' raised in the University of Washington Arboretum from seeds received from Mr. Ihrig. In other words, he did not send us young plants but sent us seeds from which we raised this and a number of other good seedling forms. I think it might be well to correct this in the next issue, so that it does not go down in the records as now published.