QBARS - v11n1 Cover

Rudolph Henny

The color illustration on the cover of the Bulletin represents a group of azalea seedlings raised from seed gathered from the inter-crossing of some Exbury azalea hybrids. The group was selected and grown by Mr. Brydon from seed gathered in England, and shows the wide variety of form and color produced by the many seedlings. This race of deciduous azaleas, though unknown here ten years ago has shown characteristics of hardiness, and floriferousness that will mark them as truly worth while for a much greater part of this country than heretofore thought possible. In light of the thousands of seedlings that are now being grown from this race of azaleas it might be well to again state that all of these seedlings are not superior and just because they are from Exbury seed is no guarantee that they will come anywhere near the named clonal forms. It is also to be expected that there will be superior forms from this vast group that is now being grown, even superior to the best forms of named Exbury clones, but in the meantime the gardener is advised if purchasing seedlings to buy them for just that, or on the advice of a reliable grower who has selected good forms. During the last three years I have seen many hundreds of Exbury seedlings in bloom, many in certain groups are identical, uniform copy of named clones, others highly variable of nondescript nature.

The color plates were loaned to the Society by P. H. Brydon Nursery Co.