QBARS - v11n2 Azalea Dates at Biltmore

Azalea Dates at Biltmore

An exceptionally spectacular display of Azaleas is expected this spring at Biltmore House and Gardens, Asheville, N. C. Present indications are that this showing will begin four to six days earlier than usual.

"Any such predictions are somewhat risky," acknowledged Dr. Fred J. Nisbet, Superintendent of the Estate, "but, barring a major set back in the weather during the next few weeks, we will have a marvelous display, better than any in at least a couple of decades."

Early types should be in good bloom some time between April 21st and 25th. The main display should last from May 1st until after the fifteenth. The native Flame Azalea, and its relative Rhododendron bakeri , will provide brilliant color for five weeks starting about May 10th. A few other species carry scattered bloom through August.

The main plantings of azaleas are in the "Beadle Memorial Azalea Garden" where 35 acres are landscaped with thousands of these "plant aristocrats'' among unusual conifers and Magnolias. Other thousands of Azaleas and broad-leaved Rhododendrons line the three mile "Approach Road" to the Mansion.

Biltmore House contains more than 250 rooms and is the finest house of its type in the country. Surrounded by the Gardens and the great forests on an estate of more than 12,000 acres. It is open to the public every day.