QBARS - v11n2 Suggested Revisions of the American Rhododendron Society By-laws

Suggested Revisions Of A.R.S. Bylaw

ART. II SECT. B. - Delete "endorsed by one member"
ART. III SECT. A. - Insert "if dues are unpaid by April 1st., the Membership lapses."
ART. VI SECT. C - Insert after the word 'writing' "or by publication in the Bulletin."
ART. VI SECT. E - Delete this Sect. and renumber the following sections so that former Sect. F now becomes Sect. E, etc.
ART. VIII SECT. A - Delete "at the annual meeting when he takes office."
ART. VIII SECT. A No. 2 - After Preliminary Awards, insert ".Awards of Excellence."
ART. VIII SECT. A - Replace No. 3 with the following:
This committee shall work with the Registrar if and when needed to resolve problems of nomenclature arising from the registration activities of the Society. The Registrar shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Governing Board. The Registrar shall serve as chairman of the Registration committee, maintain a check list of varieties, issue certificates of registration to varieties meeting the requirements, and arrange for publication of descriptions and lists incident to this activity of the Society.

This committee shall encourage the development of Test Gardens, and exercise general supervision over them on behalf of the Society. Immediate supervision of Test Gardens by local chapters is to be desired provided this is done in conformity with American Rhododendron Society regulations and that this committee is kept informed of important developments. Policy must be uniform in all Test Gardens if the awards are to mean anything.

Renumber old 4, 5 and 6 to be 5, 6 and 7.

ART. VIII SECT. A No. 7 - Delete "and in preparing an audit or arranging for one at the end of the fiscal year." (Art V Sect. D requires an outside audit.)