QBARS - v11n4 Report of Test Garden Committee

Report of Test Garden Committee
By Ruth M. Hansen

A meeting of the Test Garden Committee was held during the afternoon of August 17th in the Test Garden at Crystal Springs Lake. This meeting was held for the primary purpose of talking over and outlining the necessary work to be undertaken this Fall and next Spring.

After a complete tour of the Test Garden in which individual plants were inspected as well as general areas; it was concluded that the most important project to be undertaken this Fall is to be the extension of the Rockery and the improvement of the immediate grounds at the rear of the Coolhouse. As the Rockery plantings have over-grown themselves, it is now time to extend the Rockery around the North-end of the Island and as far South as our man-power and materials will permit. A path, to be constructed at the foot of the slope, below the plantings, will lead along the water's edge then gradually wind up the hill and connect with another path at the rear of the Coolhouse.

At the present time there is a sizeable undeveloped plot in back of the Coolhouse. After careful consideration, the Committee decided that this would make an ideal location for our collection of Exbury Azaleas as it has morning sun and a high afternoon shade. The area is to be rototilled, graded and put into planting shape as soon as possible.

Another project for the coming season is the revamping of the Ghent Azalea bed. When originally planted in 1951 these azaleas were plants from 12 to 15 inches high. They now range from five to six feet high and are thoroughly inter-grown. As the south-half of this bed is planted with dwarf evergreen azaleas; it was decided to move these plants to another location and then re-space the Ghent azaleas, spreading them out so that each plant has more room.

There are a number of rhododendrons to be moved for one reason or another, mainly to allow more growing space. It was also thought advisable that we group all the azaleodendrons into one planting, thus providing visitors with the opportunity of comparing the various varieties.

Due to the lack of possible manpower this coming year, the Committee thought it best to concentrate all efforts entirely within the Test Garden and postpone further development of the Peninsula for another year.

Plants Donated to Test Garden Coolhouse

Ben Lancaster: R. dalhousiae

Rudolph Henny: R. formosum K. W. 18753